How to Turn Your Gaming Hobby into a Glowing Career

We’ve all heard parents tell their kids that playing video games is just a waste of time. However, the gaming world has evolved over the past few decades and things have changed. Not only that you can make money playing video games but you can get rich doing so. Not convinced yet? Just take a look at Ninja, a Fortnite player whose net worth stands at about $20 million. While making millions may be tough, turning your gaming hobby into a career is easier than you think. Here’s how to do it.

Decide on your gaming path

The first thing you need to think about when entering the gaming world is where you want your career to go. Is there a game you’re so good at that you can make money off of it? Do you think you can create fun content and entertain other gamers? Answering these questions and deciding on your gaming path may be easier. Some of the best players in the world have made a fortune by competing in gaming tournaments and winning prizes. For example, let’s look at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship. The featured prize pool for this competition was $2.2 million, plus the money from in-game purchases fans made during the tournament. Prize pools are increasing every year as gaming is becoming more and more popular. On the other hand, if you see yourself as a content creator, it’s time to start streaming on Twitch or starting your own YouTube channel.

Practice like a pro

No matter what path you opt for, making a career in gaming requires you to be a good player. While you can get good in your favorite game just by playing every day, there’s much more to it. Being a pro gamer means you shouldn’t pay attention to your score when playing casually. Instead, it’s all about taking your skills to the next level and becoming a better player. So, rather than just playing for fun, look to improve your skills every time you play. The best way to do this is to find something you’re not good at and do it over and over again. For example, if you’re a CS:GO players and snipers aren’t your thing, you might need some practice before you go pro. Similarly, if you play League of Legends, mastering all roles is a must. Practice like a pro and becoming one will become much easier.

Study and read guides

Becoming better at what you do is now easier than it ever was. There’s so much information available online and it’s up to you to put time and energy into finding it. One of the most covered topics on the web is gaming and finding guides and videos should be a real piece of cake. If you’re preparing for a tournament, watch pros play and try to copy some of their moves. In case you plan to become a streamer, you can identify what they do right and bring it to your own channel. Or let’s say you’re about to enter an iGaming tournament. Browsing the web and learning more about how slot tournaments work can help you perform better. No matter what game you play, getting into the technicalities of the game will pay off. The more time and effort you put into preparing, the more likely you’ll be to succeed in the gaming world.

Learn from genuine gaming tournament experience

Competing in gaming tournaments is nothing like playing at home. First of all, you’re not facing other players when gaming casually. Moreover, the rules may not be the same as rules in tournaments. While you can prepare for a tournament, learning from genuine experience is the only way to go. So, if you always wanted to sign up for a tournament but you were afraid of it, it’s time to finally do it. Fear is natural when competing with other players. After all, you’ve never played under such circumstances and you have no idea how it feels. However, if you don’t sign up, you’ll only be missing out. The only way to beat fear is to show up and give your best. Even if you don’t win, you’ll know what to expect next time, and practicing for it will be easier. Most gaming tournaments have a wide audience and you can bring your friends or family members to support you.

Over to you

Starting a career in gaming is exciting and the past few years, it has become possible. It’s all about finding your gaming path and sticking to it. The best part of it is that if gaming is your hobby, you can combine it with full-time work until you get to the big scene. Once you do, you may even be able to ditch your job and make gaming your only source of income.


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