How To Turn A Flimsy Wire Into 16 Elegant Jewelry Pieces

To all jewelry lovers out there I want to give you an idea how you can “buy” new jewelry very fast. I’m not a huge fan of those fancy looking jewelry pieces that are too expensive.

I always wanted something simple. Something that will make all of my friends wonder where have I bought it. The little secret behind that is that I didn’t buy it. I made it!

Millions of ladies share the same opinion with me. They all don’t want to wear something expensive and too fancy. We won’t mind wearing that, but we’d rather go with something simpler.

Meet the next jewelry item you need to have in your drawer. It’s the flimsy wire. Believe me, some great stuff will come out of this.

Just check out the pictures below and follow the instructions.

Let’s go!

1. Pearl Bracelet From Golden Wire

Pearl Bracelet Gold Wire

Tutorial via

2. Wire Ear Cuffs

Wire Ear Cuffs

Tutorial via

3. Lake Michigan Rock Necklace

Lake Michigan Rock Necklace

Tutorial via

4. Button Ring

Button Ring

Tutorial via

5. Wire Bangle

diy wire bangle 8 ohoh

Tutorial via

6. Delicate Necklace


Tutorial via

7. Wire Rose Ring

Wire Rose Ring

Tutorial via

8. Monogram Pendants From A to H

a to h

Tutorial via

9. Hammered Metal Jewelry


Tutorial via

10. Earrings From Wrapped Copper Wire

orecchini con particolari in rame (9)


Tutorial via craftswoman

11. Silver and Golden Wire Wrapping Flower Bracelet

Silver and Golden Wire Wrapping Flower Bracelet

Tutorial via

12. Geometric Fashion Wire Necklace

Geometric Fashion Wire Neclace

Tutorial via

13. Wire Heart With Wrapped Beads

Wire Heart With Wrapped Beads

Tutorial via

14.Summer Wire Bracelet

Summer Wire Bracelet

Tutorial via

15. Wire Wrapped Button Pendants


Tutorial via

16.Wire And Silver Beads Bracelet

Wire And Silver Beads Bracelet

Tutorial via

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