How to Transfer Home Care Agencies in NYC

With the longing of having continuous independence, freedom and comfort for our loved ones, many are opting for home care agencies in NYC as an option for their parents. This method becomes an alternative to other long-term care facilities and this health care option allows individuals to be at home instead.

It is essential to be sure that your loved one receives the care that best matches their needs and preferences. With that, choosing the best home care agency in NYC takes on a great role in matching these needs and requests. Now, of course, after finding the best provider and meeting the caregivers personally, it may take several visits for individuals of all parties to become comfortable with each other and getting used to the new routines formed.

Now, if this initial period of warming up to your assigned caregiver passes and is still noted to be not the best either for you or your parent, the agency may switch out that caregiver upon request. It may even take several tries to find the most compassionate, experienced and loving home attendant depending on the agency. However, if there are some difficulties with coordinating with the company in general, sometimes switching to a different agency may be the best option for the patients’ needs.

Finding a New Home Care Agency in NYC

New York City is known to be full of endless possibilities including endless number of options. To narrow the search down, look for the basics of what each home care agency offers when looking for a new provider. By researching and looking over exactly what the home care agency provides, you, as the consumer, will be able to get a good idea of the quality of the services.

The first step is to determine exactly what is missing from what you are currently receiving and what you would like to be changed. One example of this is to just question if you  need a more professional or experienced caregiver who is certified in handling specific conditions that the patient might have. Maybe the patient has dementia, diabetes or even something else? Perhaps you need someone to be more clear in communication and are attentive with their work?

The best way to know exactly what your elderly parent needs is by asking them first to clarify their likes and dislikes of the services in order to get a better idea as to which changes need to be made. Then, find an agency that supports those needs as well as your standards.

Switching Over

Once you have considered receiving services with another home care agency in NYC, the most crucial part is to make sure that the transition goes smoothly so it would not be stressful for the senior and they can go about their day-to-day.

To transfer to another Home Care Agency in NYC:

    • First, understand the company policies and their agreements between both parties, including any fees that may or may not apply.
    • Second, notify the previous provider that you no longer want their services.
    • Third, before ending the services with your previous provider, make sure that everything is set with the new provider so that there would not be a period in which there is no one available to help your loved one.

As You Start with Your New Provider

Make sure that you don’t feel pressured or pushed in order to make the switch and, instead, focus on the interests of your loved one and their comfort. Here, communication is key so be sure that there is a clear understanding about what you and your loved one want to receive.

If you are considering switching to another home care provider in the New York City area, be sure to consider All Heart Home Care Agency. This provider is BBB accredited business and has received other rewards such as Dime’s Best of Brooklyn in 2019 and more! So, if you are looking for a service that makes your life easier by listening and accommodating to your loved one’s needs and preferences, consider All Heart Home Care Agency.

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