How to Tell If the Olive Oil You Use is FAKE?

In the next couple of minutes, I want you to learn how to spot fake olive oil. There are thousands of brands out there.

I get mad whenever smell and taste fake olive oil. It’s like someone is messing with you by giving you fake one to suffer the consequences of unhealthy life.

The frustration I feel right now comes from the latest bottle my mother bought while coming to my house.

I told her that this is not a high-quality olive oil and it could be dangerous for our health. She got mad saying that it was Greek Origin and it says “Extra Virgin” on it.

Well, she got fooled by the label. I’ll give the brand credit for that.

My mother is not the only one that gets fooled every single day with a fake one.

There are millions of people right now using something they thought it’s healthy and with high quality.

The Fake Process

Nicholas Blechman came out with “The Adulteration Process” saying that many olive oil bottles sold as “Imported from Italy” and “Packaged in Italy” don’t have any connection with Italy.

All of them come from countries like Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, and more.

How to Tell if I’m Using Fake Olive Oil?

I somehow don’t trust the brands anymore. I found a local farmer that brings natural and homemade olive oil in my neighborhood.

We all buy from him. He has a business here and comes every week.

In case you don’t have the opportunity to buy from local farmers, please check the video below and learn how to tell if your olive oil is fake.

I refuse to talk about brands and companies that produce low-quality and high-quality olive oils.

However, I can send a list of these products via email. If you want to find out more, shoot me an email and I’ll get back at you as soon as possible.

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