How to Swing a Golf Club for Beginners

Golf is often seen as a classic game between friends and business rivals. However, golf may look easy but, there is a lot more that goes into the movement of the body with every swing. This is what makes golf quite a difficult and time-consuming game to master and play well. It is an achievement hit the ball far and this is where the fun comes in. Luckily, we have a few pointers for beginners who want to take up the club and swing, properly, away and with time improve their game.


The first thing you should do when getting into golf is finding the right golf clubs for beginners that suits your height. A club that goes from slightly above your hip to the floor would work but if you can swing it around before you buy. Once you have the right golf club you will need to hold it in a certain way. Both your hands will go on the grip which is at the top of the club with your dominant hand, which you will use for control, going below your other hand. Your pinkie finger on your dominant hand and the index finger on the other should interlock comfortable and you should be able to move the club around as if you are shaking hands with it.


Once you have a good grip on your club you can get into the position. This would require you to have your feet hip-distance apart with your toes pointing forward. Your knees should be slightly bent and you should be able to freely move around with your feet not lifting from the ground. The less tension there is in your body the better your swing will be. Your head is down and the head of the club should be parallel to the ground so not at an angle. Your arms and club should form one line. Think of making a right-angle triangle with your arms, club, body and the ground.

Lifting Up

A lot of golf beginners would think that the swing is all in the arms and this is not 100 per cent correct. It is in the shoulders and the hips. The shoulders guide the arms and the club to the position where the club is lifted up to be behind the player’s head in order to go in, with the help of gravity, for a complete hit and follow thought to complete the swing. Imagine that there is a triangle that connects your right and left shoulders and the tip of the grip in your hands. This has to be a constant shape which would require you to keep your arms as straight as possible and rotate your shoulders, without collapsing them, to get the movement. When your arms are up, make sure that they, and the club, form a 90 degrees angle that you keep even when you bend your elbows to have the club is behind your head. You should keep your head down and your eyes on the ball at all time but you can take a quick look to check your angle while practicing.

Hitting and Follow Through

Once you have practicing getting the club up and ready, now is the chance to swing it down and hit the ball, aka the fun part. This would require rotation not only from shoulders but your hips as well. When you swing the club down, keeping the triangle, your weight should shift from one leg to the one that is closer to the ball. Once you hit the ball you keep rotating where your hips should be able to turn out towards the hit, opening up your chest as your head moves up and your club and arms swing behind it. Your foot closest to the ball stays while the one further away should be able to rotate to the direction of the hit, lifting the heel off the ground as your chest and head go up following your arms and club. Your eyes follow the ball while your dominate elbow points in its direction.

Golf can be a lot of fun but it takes time to get the hang of a proper golf swing, before you can learn how to increase club head speed and get your swing good and flowing.

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