How to Successfully Cash Back on Your Online Purchase

When you have a need, you look for the best option to fulfill that demand. Buying is a way to get the needed item. What if I told you that after buying a product, you could have a rebate on the purchased product? Yes, you can buy and use a product and earn a cash back on the used product. To successfully make cash back on your online purchase, here are easy tips to point you in the right direction.

  • Understand how cash back works: To make money on your online purchase, you need to understand how cash back works. To start making money, you can visit the Rebatest website to sign up. Once you’ve created a profile, you can then begin to select your desired products and apply for the product on Amazon via Rebatest.

Rebatest is an online platform that gives you a cash back on every product you buy on Amazon. It’s so simple but you have to write about your experience using the product.

  • Buy the product: After identifying the product you love on Amazon, you have to purchase the product. Simply click on ‘apply now,’ read through the pop-up instructions and then proceed by clicking on the ‘confirm to apply’ button. This enables you to make payment for the product you identified. It’s virtually the same way you would buy any favorite product from Amazon. When you buy the product, what follows is that the product gets delivered to you.
  • Use the product: After taking delivery of your product, you’re to use the product. Let’s say you got a rechargeable coffee cup from Amazon. You’re to start using the product. Using the product makes you identify what works well and doesn’t about the rechargeable cup. If the handle is firm, you note it; if the cup is fast in heating, you note, if the charger is slow, you note it as well. 

Taking note of the functionalities of an item you bought on Amazon helps you successfully make cash back on each of the products. You may want to ask how’s that possible? Of course, it’s very possible. All you have to do is gather your user experience of the bought product and write a compelling product trial report on it to start making money.

  • Write a trial report: What follows after using the product is to talk about your experience using the product and get paid for doing that. If you felt disappointed using a product, you should spot it out when writing the report about how bad it was using the product. Same way, if you enjoyed using the product, you should identify how and why you were satisfied with the product. Take note of the features of the product. They’ll help you make a good overall user review of the product without mincing words.

Your trial report should be an honest opinion of the product you used. It should be concise, clear, and readable. These are factors that make your report stands out among others when you submit to Rebatest to make cool cash back on every of your purchase.

  • Earn your cash back: Earning your cash back is what follows after successful submission of your trial report on Rebatest. The platform pays you for your honest review. You can have the payment on your PayPal, have it as a gift item or get a new product. The amount you get as cash back depends on the price of the previous product you got from Amazon, used and tested.

Rebatest allows you to identify your product to get user trial reports of it. How does this work? This works by you indicating that as a seller, you have a bag, blanket, or notebook to sell. Then Rebatest lists your product among the 2,984 products that are presently available for product testing. In that case, you’re being charged based on the available terms and conditions to let customers buy your products, use the products, and give their sincere views about the products. It’s a win situation for you. You sell your products and also get unbiased opinions from users about your product. You can then work on the reviews to improve the quality of the products or further recommend directly to the manufacturers.

Using Rebatest for your online rebate making is seamless. You’re to make a profile on and start earning massively. You can earn lots of points by also sharing the link to the site with your friends and loved ones. That’s an easy way to grow your network. What makes Rebatest the best platform to earn cash back?

Rebatest offers you a payback on every trial report you write after buying and using a product. The platform has a large inventory of products and that gives you a huge option to pick your favorite product anytime any day. Rebatest is always available for receiving orders with a 24/7 customer support readily available to guide you through when you need to make enquiries about the process or a particular product on the platform. Within a day of making your purchase and submitting your trial report, you’ll have your account credited for the cash back you won. No delay! Rebatest is popularly known in the US and UK for giving the highest rebates on product purchases and you can have your money earned or transferred to you via your PayPal. The good thing about this is that every process of making cool money on the platform is online.

To successfully make cash back on Rebatest, you have to ensure that you understand how the platform works. It is simple. You login to, identify a product you love from their pool of stock, pay for the product and have it delivered to you. Use the product and write a trial report on the used product. Submit your trial report on Rebatest and make claims of your cash back into your account. What a simplified way to make money!