How to Style Men’s Rings for 2022

While every year women’s fashion seems to get all the attention, we’re here to focus on the men for a change.

Men’s jewelry, especially mens rings, has become a growing trend regardless of whether men are single, engaged or married.

While for years a man wearing a ring was predominately associated with whether or not they were available, new styles are emerging that are letting men make more fashion statements than ever before.

Men’s rings signify a range of things now, in addition to marriage. It can signify wealth, status, and even personality. So we’re adding men’s rings to the mix of jewelry like bracelets and watches that have dominated this genre.

But what exactly makes a men’s ring stylish? And how do you know what the right one to get the man in your life—whether that be your brother, father or loved one.

Well, we are here to give you the down-low on everything, there is to know about men’s rings and the different styles that are going to dominate 2022.

Gold Rings: Style Them to Spoil

This type of ring for men is the most traditional. Gold rings will forever be a classic and stylish option for men and we are all about it. And now, you can style a men’s ring in numerous shades of gold. There are yellow-gold, white-gold, rose-gold, and so on. If you are wanting to go all out with a gold ring, then a 24 karat option is always the cream of the crop. But there are other, more inexpensive ways to create a premium gold ring. This includes combining materials like nickel and silver into the gold so the ring is both hard and malleable, in addition to stylish. These types of rings are best to gift to the men that you want to make feel like a king.  

Silver Rings: Style Them on a Budget

While gold is great, you can never go wrong with silver as well. Silver rings are not only stylish but a much more affordable option than gold rings. If you are wanting to style a ring on a budget, then we definitely recommend going for silver. Plus, because it is durable, your man can wear it for all occasions. And to make it really personalized, consider distressing the silver band or even having the metal braided to create a raised texture. These types of rings are best for when you want to give an elaborate gift or design your own keepsake jewelry without breaking the bank to do so.

Platinum Rings: Style Them to be On Trend

While gold and silver rings are forever timeless pieces, platinum rings have become a recent craze that we are definitely digging. Platinum material is also used in karats but looks really similar to silver. A great reason for choosing a platinum ring to style is that you can create both a natural and dull or highly polished finish. Popular styles for platinum rings include embedding them with diamonds or engraving them with a meaningful phrase, name, or initials. These rings tend to go with absolutely everything, meaning they will be the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Stainless Steel Rings: Style Them Affordably

If you are wanting the look of a platinum ring but are keen to style it affordably, then this is the best. Material for you to use. Similar to steel material, the ring you design will be extremely resistant to wear and tear and allow you to have a lot of creativity in the details. Plus, you can rest assured that your time and effort in styling it will last a lifetime—literally. Many trendy ways to style stainless steel rings is by engraving them or adding a raised jeweled design to the top. It is a common option for a championship ring or a graduation ring, with the school letter the center of focus.

Titanium Rings: Style Them for Strength

If you want to ensure that your ring will hold up in all conditions, including water, then choose to style a titanium ring. With the ability to style this material into a ring that gives off either yellow gold, black or even copper shade, you can make this ring truly unique. Going into 2022, men are choosing to style this type of ring with contrasting material such as wood or marble sealed within it.

From gold rings fit for a king to titanium rings that act as a blank canvas for all the creative opportunities, you will have fun styling a unique men’s ring for 2022.