How to stream Cartoon Shows for Kids

In the contemporary world, it is not only kids who watch cartoons but even adults. At times the cartoons that adults watch are a bit developed for their minds while those for kids are on their level. In this case, we take a look at how to stream cartoon shows for kids and where to watch it online. Cartoons keep kids active and excited and are an excellent way to develop your child’s mind. Most of the all-time favorites such as Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Donald duck among many others are no longer available on mainstream TV. So, where can you get them for your kids to enjoy?


This site has all the best cartoons for your kids. From classics such as Tom and Jerry to contemporary comics that are sure to impress your kids. The downside of it is that unlike other sites where you get in and watch, this one requires you to sign in first before watching the shows. The site equally has an app for mobile users, specifically Android users. In this site, you can check out the classic and latest cartoons for kids. The best part about the site is that you get to stream for free without any issues. There are also no annoying interruptions from adverts that keep on popping up like some other sites. However, the design of the website is not up to par, and this is something that they probably need to improve on in the future. 


MSN is one of the leading entertainment sites in the world. It has a myriad of shows and movies including cartoons for all age groups. Here, you will mostly find the latest cartoons for your kids to stream and a few of the traditional ones too. The streaming here is also uninterrupted and fast so that you don’t have to get inconveniences while streaming.

Unlike the other sites above, this one is more of a search engine for cartoon shows and movies. There are different videos that you can stream using their dedicated links easily found on the web. It works by recommendation meaning that you don’t have to depend on one link. If one doesn’t work, then you can use the next one available. There are different stuff available on the site including anime movies, cartoons, and teen shows. The shows and movies are divided into different genres and years, so depending on what you are searching for, there is a thing for everybody. All time classics such as Tom and Jerry are available in the site together with current shows such as sponge bob square pants. The site is equally straightforward and easy to operate as it has a friendly user interface. However, there are two downsides of using this site. One is that there is no application available to use either on pc or mobile and another disadvantage is that, there are numerous annoying ad pop-ups that will interrupt with your viewing experience.

If you need the latest cartoon shows, whether series or movies, this is the site for you. The first positive thing about the site is that it is user-friendly in terms of usage and an easy to enjoy the experience. Well, everything has its disadvantage and so is this site. One tricky thing about using the site is the adult sponsored ads which often pop-up when one is watching content. This is inappropriate and can corrupt your mind’s child if often seen several times. A good practice is to use the site rarely.

In this site, you will find both anime and cartoons. The exciting part is that the site is constantly updated, so you don’t miss anything you’re looking for, especially if the show is recent. The availability of several genres to choose from is also something worth noting as there are over 20 different genres for you to pick. One fascinating thing about the site is that you will probably not miss any single anime that has ever been released. The downside is that you cannot just get into the site and start downloading or streaming without having an account with them, something that many people hate to do. In the site, lesser ad pop-ups are making it convenient to use without any interruptions.

Using Nick

Nickelodeon is one of the most popular channels for kid entertainment today. Many people only know of the channel to view cartoons and other kid shows but are not aware of the site provision. The channel equally owns a site where kids can go and stream their favorite shows and cartoons at the comfort of their rooms. You can trace most if not all of the displays found on the Nickelodeon channel using their dedicated site. The site equally has a lot of games for kids to indulge in thus making it one of the most interactive children sites present today. Of course, you are aware that there are different age groups of children and therefore it is crucial to get them content they can relate to. Nickelodeon has done that for you, and thus you only have to visit their site, and you are good to go. Their cartoons are free to watch so long as you have signed into their website. The best part is that the site is one of the leading in the industry and can thus be trusted. Also, there are no irritating adverts that will pop-up to distract your viewership.

Through Disney junior

This is yet another useful tool for streaming cartoons for kids. It is equally a popular website and can also be trusted by anyone using it. Apart from just streaming cartoons, the site has other avenues for entertaining your child. For instance, there are puzzles, games, and movies that your kid can gain from. The fascinating part is that you can use the site on all platforms including IOS and Android. Again, the site has a user-friendly interface that will enable you to navigate through different content easily. This is by far the most recommended site for streaming cartoons and has no adverts that pop-up to interrupt viewing.

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