How to Stay Productive in College While Having a Break-up with Your Partner

Just had a break-up with your partner and feeling very sad? Fearing it is negatively affecting your performance in college? Then it’s far from a desirable situation and you need help or guidance to deal with it.

Remember that separation from your partner is not the end of your life and you should aim to overcome your sadness to focus on your study.

Obviously, it’s hard and you need the motivation to stay productive in college during this period. In this context, we have provided some tips in this article that will surely be helpful.

Free yourself from the guilt and sadness

1. Let your emotions flow to free yourself

Many students feel stuck with bad feelings out of the lack of maturity. But there is a solution. If you can’t forget what your partner did with you, the best thing is to cry out and clear your negative thoughts. Just don’t try to fake yourself looking like you are happy and have forgotten what has happened. Don’t pretend to be normal as it will only suppress harmful emotions resulting in stress and depression.

Find a lonely place and empty your frustration by crying and letting out your words about what you’re thinking of your ex now.

2. Express your sadness in front of someone

Trying to make yourself free from your bad feelings and thoughts alone in a corner is good. But you can also do the same in front of someone that can give you a shoulder to cry on. These can be some of your family members, friends, or relatives who are close to you. It will not only relieve you from the burden of extreme sadness but also clear your mind.

Try this sure-fire way to normalize your life so that you can be creative and productive in your college and study again.

3. Write down your feelings on paper

Another way to relax from the pain of a break-up is to write about your feelings. Take a notebook and pen your thoughts without any hesitation. Note that you don’t have to give your notes to anybody or publish them anywhere, so there is no need to polish them.  Maybe you’ll find new talent in writing and will be able to work on writing companies like Who knows?

Further, you should let your mind be open when writing down the goods and bads about your recently ended relationship and your ex.

Apart from this, you can write about how you feel being single, if it feels better than before or not, and your future plans. Do this today to see the effect yourself!

Get yourself busy

1. Involve yourself in your favorite activities

Apart from working towards making yourself free from the negative thoughts, you also have to find ways to keep yourself busy. On that note, you can practice your favorite activities, have fun and party with your friends or play games. You can also take a short trip to a beautiful location during the weekend to regain peace of mind and enthusiasm.

2. Focus on your study

As you are a student and have invested your money and time to get education, your prime goal should be achieving the best results. So, when you are already free after the break-up with your partner, consider it as an opportunity to improve your learning. Make a study plan, find out which subject or topic needs more attention, and focus on it. Make research and look for interesting information on different sources from online libraries to free essay databases like You’ll notice that deeper knowledge will improve your grades.

It may seem difficult initially but once you spend some days doing this with determination, you will see its effect. Further, the improvement will motivate you to do better in your study leaving your bitter experience behind.

Think about yourself

1. Control your anger

The first thing most people encounter after the break-up is a blast of anger. You may also feel the urge to take revenge. But give yourself some time and think if your ex deserves your attention? If he/she has done wrong with you, the best thing is to throw him/her out of your thoughts. Remember that anger and revenge wouldn’t make any change in your situation. In fact, it can be disastrous for your study and future.

It is better to control your anger and divert your energy to improve your performance in college.

2. Take care of your health

Above all, your health is the most important factor for the success or failure in your study and career. And a break-up may have a deep impact on your fitness if you don’t handle the negative mental state wisely. Remember that your education is more important than anything else while you are a student and you can do your best only if you are healthy.

It is advisable to make a routine for a workout, yoga, and practice meditation as it will help get yourself out of the pit of negative feelings.

Summing up

It’s quite normal to have a crush during your college life. But there can also be a time when you two have different paths to walk on. In this situation, you may end up having a break-up. A lot of students face this and it’s really hard to handle the sadness, anger, and negativity. However, there are ways, such as discussed in this article, to reduce the post-separation effects and stay productive in college.

We hope they will be useful for you as well if you have recently had a break-up, and will help you get back on track as soon as possible.

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