How to Set Up Your Kid’s Bedroom

Decorating your child’s room can be challenging since children don’t seem to have any interest in picking out their own furniture.

This can leave you with no direction as far as knowing what to include in their room, so here are the top best items to make sure you include in the decoration of their room.

1. Nightstand

A nightstand is a small bedside table that is usually lower to the ground and contains drawers. It can be any size and any material, so there are countless possibilities for the nightstand to match the colors of the rest of their bedroom.

A nightstand offers many benefits, including convenience because its location is right next to their bed. Having a nightstand also prevents the need for your kids to constantly get out of bed for things, since they can simply place them on the bedside table.

In addition to all of this, there are also drawers that make for extra storage space, and a tabletop that allows for either a lamp or an alarm clock to be displayed.

2. High-quality Mattress and Bed Frame

Whether your child has a bunk bed frame or a twin size bed frame, they need a high-quality mattress to go along with it. Budget, high quality mattresses like the Tuft & Needle or Zinus are great choices.

Sleep is important, especially for growing children. And having a mattress that makes them feel comfortable will help them receive better sleep at night. Additionally, higher quality mattresses usually look better, so their room can look great.

3. Bookshelf

Allowing your child to have a bookshelf with plenty of books in their room will encourage them to read more, since the location of the books is convenient for them.

The bookshelf can either be a compartment much like a dresser with shelves, or it can be shelves that are attached to the walls. Having books in your child’s room will allow them to read before bed or when they first get up in the morning. And reading has many positive benefits that correspond to their health.

4. Nightlight

A nightlight is a small lightbulb that is usually surrounded by a decorative cover. They’re usually attached directly to an electrical outlet, and the covers can come in all shapes and sizes.

Your child can choose a nightlight that has a cover on it that they like, since there are hundreds to choose from. Aside from their customizing benefits, nightlights are also great for your kid’s room because they can comfort your child while they sleep, since the room will be dimly lit.

In addition to this, a nightlight is also convenient because your child can see if they need to get out of bed at night, instead of having to turn on a bright lamp.

5. Clock

Having a clock in your child’s room offers many benefits, including teaching your kids to tell time. If there’s a clock in their bedroom, they will most likely be using it all of the time, so it will allow them to practice reading a clock.

In addition to this, giving your child a clock gives them the practice of starting a routine everyday. They can use it before school to get ready in the morning and stay on time, and they can use it at nighttime to make sure that they go to bed at the right time.

Aside from merely having the time displayed in their room, you can give your child a clock that includes an alarm with it, so that they can wake up on their own for school or any other occasion.

6. Toybox

A toybox is a large container that is used to store your child’s toys. This can either be a large bin, or it can even be a laundry basket. Additionally, some people even use large storage bags and store their children’s toys in their closets.

Having a toybox in your child’s bedroom will allow them to place all of their toys in one place instead of having them scattered around the house. In addition to this, a toybox will also allow your children to practice cleaning up after themselves.

7. Rug

A rug is floor covering that covers only a partial amount of the floor. They’re especially convenient if your child’s bedroom contains hardwood flooring, but it’s also recommended if their bedroom has a carpet.

The rug covering the floor allows your child to comfortably play on the rug, eliminating the need for you to worry about them either scratching the hardwood floor or damaging the carpet.

In addition to this, a rug placed on your kid’s floor will give their room more color, allowing for their room to be customized more to their personality.

8. Clothing Storage

Whether your child has a great deal of clothing or just the right amount needed, they require a place to store their clothing. It can be either a dresser or a place to hang their clothes in the closet.

But giving your child space to store their clothes will offer them the practice of dressing themselves and cleaning up after themselves, since they have to organize their own clothing.

After reading this guide on what to include in your child’s room, hopefully you have more direction in customizing their room to fit their personality, while also offering the best convenience for both of you!

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