How to select a platform bed?

A platform bed basically is a form of the bed frame that doesn’t need any box spring support for your mattress to fit in the bed. The platform beds are not like the normal traditional bed frames; rather, they close to the ground, and their normal height is within the range of 12 inches from the ground surface level. However, you can also have a slightly different platform bed that is a bit more high from the ground level, but that has a separate spring box added in for extra height.  Platform beds are found to be highly comfortable, practical, and simply awesome as compared to the other types of beds for your bedroom. It is also important to know which platform beds are right for you. We recommend getting recommendations from the experts. For example, SleepSources, a popular bed frame review site, has an in-depth resource covering the best bed frames and platform beds this year.

Following mentioned are some of the key steps that can help you have the best platform bed designs with storage

Select the type

You need to select the type of platform bed that you want to have in your room. Following mentioned could be the main types: 

  • Solid platform 

A platform bed with a solid platform and no clearance is a simple bed that has no place or space underneath. Normally these types of beds are selected by the people for aesthetic appeal and a bit sturdiness to have no extra storage in their room. 

  • Floating platform

The floating platform bed is another type of bed that has no visible legs; rather, it has a central point as it supports.  This central point support basically creates an illusion that the bed is moving. These types of beds are suitable for modern rooms needing no space for storages. 

  • Storage bed

The storage platforms are those beds which have secret drawers underneath them, and they are basically designed for storage purposes.  For bedrooms having less storage space, this type of bed is suitable to give more space to stuff. 

  • Footboard and headboard

The platform beds that have headboards and footboards on them are the ones which are manufactured in the traditional patterns. If you have selected a bed with headboards and footboards, keep it in mind that it will have no space for a spring box. Moreover, you can check for platform bed mattress advantages and disadvantages.

Selecting the right surface

You can have some best Moroccan rug abstract art beds if you want or selecting any of the below-mentioned surfaces for your platform bed. 

  • Slated

The slatted platform bed is the one which has wooden slats in it that are closely arranged and sometimes apart too. The whole design is dependent on the support present for the mattress and the airflow that is preferred. 

  • Metal

Platform beds are also available in metal surfaces that are suitable with traditional mattresses, especially the former ones. This is one of the best choices for you to have like a box spring bed. 

  • Solid

The solid platform bed is certainly one of the best beds to have a firm sleeping experience. It is also very durable, and the quality materials used in its manufacturing make airflow easier. This is the best option to have with a full spaced bed type. 

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