How to Save Money Using Uber or Lyft

Daily commute can be costly. Not to mention the hassle and discomfort it brings as we find ourselves hailing for a taxi for several minutes. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology daily commute has gotten easier than ever before.  Utilizing applications such as Lyft and Uber allows you to set up a ride using only a smartphone. These apps can also help you find less expensive rides too. How? Well, here are some tips so you can save some money each time you’re using Uber or Lyft.

1. Distance away from surge and peak hour pricing.

Do not cue in for a ride where basically everyone is requesting for a ride too. Set the location few blocks away from the surge and see that the price gets lower. This way, you can spare yourself from surge or peak hour pricing.  It is even possible for you to study the surge patterns so you can always avail of reduced-price rides.  Another tip to save money is to be patient. This works best during peak hours when everyone wants to go home. In fact, Uber is currently testing out and making cheaper fare offers for passengers who are willing to wait. If it’s possible for you to use Uber and Lyft during lean hours, then please do so. This way, you not only save money on peak-hour Uber and Lyft pricing. But, it also encourages you to go to work or school an hour before your schedule.

2. Split ride with friends instead of driving your own car.

Driving your own car has many advantages. But, if you’re currently living on a tight budget, owning a car would only mean additional daily costs on your part. Aside from your monthly payment, you also need to pay for its fuel, maintenance, and insurance. The costs rapidly pile up and you don’t even drive that often.  So, why don’t you shift into a full time Uber or Lyft rider? You can even save more money if you frequently opt for ride-hailing with friends. Lyft and Uber allows you to split the ride with multiple passengers. This will split your expenses too. So, with all these perks and features of using Uber or Lyft it has become more practical to share rides with your friends nowadays than drive your own car.

3. Use referral and promo codes to your advantage.

One of the simplest methods to get inexpensive and at times, even free rides on Lyft or Uber is to refer the application to other riders. You may do so by sharing your referral code to various social networking sites and messenger apps. You can find your referral code in your passenger account, it is sometimes called as Invite code. When people click your referral link, you are automatically given free rides. Plus, the good thing is that your invitee is able to have that same benefit too. You can email your invitation link to your family, friends, co-workers, or social media friends. Just make sure you don’t spam them. Another method to save money on rides is to use promo codes. You may download promo code applications such as Freebird. Using the latest 2019 promo code for freebird is like hitting two birds with one stone. Because you are able to have your comfortable rides while saving money as well.

4. Use both: Uber and Lyft

Sign up for both Uber and Lyft. But if you want to save money do not stay too loyal to either of these ride-hailing apps. By downloading and using both apps, you can always check and compare prices before you set a ride.  Their pricing are usually comparable. However you might never know when one of them has become significantly cheaper. For an instance, when one app is in surge pricing and with a high  demand, the other could be a good bargain. The price range is not the same in all cities because they have different approaches to ride pricing. However, two options are better than just having one. You can actually choose which of them offers a great deal in terms of saving money.

Utilizing one or many of these tips will allow you to save money on your upcoming rides using Uber or Lyft. You can definitely take advantage of the various benefits of these ride-hailing apps if you use them both. Share your ride and referral codes, compare prices, and being fully aware of surcharges. Keep these tips in mind and save more of that hard-earned money inside your wallet.

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