How to Remove the Search Bar located at Top of the Screen

A few users report that the search box was stuck at the top of the computer and they have no idea of where it originated from. They ask for assistance via the Internet on how to eliminate the search bar that appears at the top of the screen. Want to learn more, our other blog articles have great info, so go here!

This issue can be due to a third-party search bar/tool installed on your PC. It could likewise be because of the Web Bar toolbar on your PC. Web Bar is the name of a program that is accessible on PCs. Web Bar is a program that is generally incorporated with other programming that you download from the Internet. If it’s installed on your PC, it could cause the search bar to appear on the display of your computer.

ways to Get rid of the Search Bar on the Top of Screen

1. Remove Third-Party in Control Panel

To get rid of the problem with the search bar that is stuck on high-up on the screen, try uninstalling the search bar that is installed on your PC first.

Here is the video tutorial.

Open Control Panel.

On the Control Panel window in the Control Panel window, click Uninstall the program in the section titled Programs section.

You can scroll down to locate the search bar from a third-party source and click it with a right-click.

Choose to uninstall continue.

After the third-party browser has been removed, launch the browser to see if the search bar remains on upper right of your screen is resolved.

2. Scan for Malware onto Your Computer

If you are wondering ways to eliminate the search bar on high-up on the display, you could decide to also run a scan to identify malware on your system and get rid of them if they are.

This is the video tutorial.

Use the Windows key and the I key together, to launch Settings.

Select Update and security and continue.

The pop-up will appear, select Windows Defender.

Click Open Windows Defender Security Center.

Then, select Virus and Threat Protection.

Then, click “Quick Scan” to identify malware on your computer.

3. Reset Browser

For fixing the issue with the error search bar right at the very top, you may opt to also clean or reset your browser.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to eliminate Google’s search box from top of the screen. In the next section, we will demonstrate how to reset Google Chrome as an example.

Start Google Chrome.

Click on the 3-dot menu and select Settings.

Scroll down until you can open the Advanced Settings.

Select Restore settings back to the default settings.

Then, click “Reset” to save settings.

Once all steps have been completed After that, restart Google Chrome and verify that the search bar that is stuck on the upper right of the screen is gone.

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