How To Regrow Over-Plucked Eyebrows Using 1 Ingredient

Our eyebrows suffer a lot. Since we were kids or teenagers, we plucked our eyebrows like there is no tomorrow.

You have to look beautiful for your crush.

Since then, our eyebrows are suffering the consequences. You know how I say that the remedy could cost a penny, but you need to find it first.

Like that, this remedy is one of those inexpensive solutions you can find in your kitchen.

Yes, you’ve heard me right. This ingredient is used for cooking. It makes your meals even tastier and it’s incredibly tasty.

I’m talking about the onion.


I know. I know. How can someone even think about putting an onion near her eye?

The onion contains sulphur that represents one of the substances that plays a major role boosting up the growth of hair. It makes it thicker and stronger.

Before you start chopping that onion and putting it in your eye, you need to know that there is a special technique to do this.

That technique is very well explained in this video below.

Oh yes. There is one more thing. This technique can be used on your eyebrows and the hair on your head. DO NOT use it on your eyelashes.

Here is the video:

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