How to Recover Your Home from a Mouse Infestation

Mice may have an innocent look about them, but they are far from innocent when they infest your home. 

Once mice have a foothold in your house, it takes a lot of time and effort to remove them, but with the right techniques, you can manage it. 

Let us look at how to remove them, and what to do when you have eliminated them to prevent further invasions of these pests.

So you have an infestation

Once you have established you have a mouse infestation, you will need to act quickly. Breeding up to ten times a year, mice will overrun your home the longer you leave it, leaving you prone to house damage and sickness. 

Proof your home

The first step is to prevent further mice incursions. To do this, you will need to inspect the outside of your house for entry points thoroughly and block them. Wire mesh is ideal, as mice can gnaw through most materials given time, but not metals.

You will also need to block any internal entry points, such as small holes in the walls and cupboards. Mice can squeeze into remarkably small spaces, so you need to be indiscriminating and meticulous.

Set traps and baits

You proofed your home; it is time to eliminate the mice. Setting traps and baits are your best options.

Traps will work over time and are effective. Snap traps consistently remain one of the best methods, but there are humane trap options, like the door trap. These are also highly effective, but the rodent must be released over a mile from your home to ensure it does not return.

When luring mice, the poisoned lure is a consideration. Poison is a high risk if you have children or pets nearby, so the recommendation is to avoid it. There are equally effective techniques without the danger. 

If you seek to remove mice yourself, it’s important to know the essential information for your case. Online are many great resources, like, that offer additional tips about how to get these pesky pests out.

Call the Professionals

Up to a point, it is worth eliminating mice on your own. But a lack of results and increasing costs may mean it is time to call the professionals.

Always do your research. Establish pest controllers’ success rates, methods, and techniques. Also, ensure they have a follow-up process with prevention in mind.

Rodent Mischief Managed – for now

Once you have eliminated your current freeloaders, you’ll need to look to the future to avoid gaining new rodent tenants.

To gauge a better understanding of these rodents, you can find more mice information here. Mice typically choose a home for warmth, nesting, and a reliable food source. Cutting off these sources ensures your house is no longer desirable.

Following these steps will help prevention:

  • Food sources – put food in airtight containers. Mice can chew through most types of food packaging. Do not leave food scraps lying around the house at all.
  • Inspections – run internal and external checks on your house for potential entry points and seal them.
  • Hygiene – cleanliness is pivotal. Regularly clean surfaces, and take out the trash often.
  • Invest in a cat – it’s true, cats can be an effective deterrent for mice and other pests.

Following these steps will hopefully ensure you keep a mouse-free home well into the future.

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  1. I recently went through this! This article is right on point. These little critters can actually disappear via a small hole! eek!!! thankfully all is well in my home now.


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