How To Re-Ignite The Fire In Your Man

Men like it when their women show love, affection, and are a little naughty in bed. As a woman, you needn’t shy away from being naughty to your man. It is the little deeds that will make your man sizzle with affection and anticipation.

There are several ways in which you can re-ignite intimacy with your man. You don’t need a special love-portion to make it work. Spicing up the little things you do every day, such as when eating, driving, washing the dishes, or even speak to will go a long way in keeping the intimacy alive. Outlined below are 15 tips and simple tricks that can drive your man wild right from the start.

1. When driving: You can always get intimate with your man while he drives. Start by giving him a firm leg rub, then move all the way to the crotch area. A sensual massage here will definitely ignite something in him.

2. Breakfast in bed: Consider doing this when both of you have the time, and especially the weekends. Don’t just prepare the normal breakfast. Get some cream, strawberries, or Nutella for breakfast. You can also use anything you can lick or eat off his body. Make the breakfast last as long as you want it to.

3. Dirty dishwashing: Doing the dishes isn’t considered sexy in any way. Nonetheless, you can spice things up by doing the dishes with nothing but an apron on. Get him to come to the kitchen by asking him to help with something.

4. Get writing: Love and erotic handwritten notes are always a welcome idea. You however need to be crafty enough to place them in places where only he will find them. This can be under the soap (in the bathroom) or in his lunchbox. This will definitely get him thinking of you.

5. Hide things to get him in the mood: Hide items that will make him think of you in his briefcase or bag. It can be a silk scarf, your lingerie (clean), or even a sex toy. Attach a note asking him to bring them back and how you intend to use them.

6. Erotic eating: Erotic eating can be done anywhere. If he buys you an ice-cream, sausage, banana, or anything shaped like a private part, hold or eat it as erotic as you can without being too predictable. Let him catch you doing it, then stop and stare at him the moment he does. You will be surprised how this will go.

7. Give him a foot massage: This shouldn’t be any other massage he is used to. Give special attention to the area under the ankle bone when massaging his body. Use circular but strong motions when rubbing the region. Studies show that this region is directly linked to the pelvic region, hence will most probably ignite a spark.

8. Pelvic thrusts:  when having sex, stop the thrust motions and do some kegel exercises. Use his private part as the tool for the kegels. This will feel like a mini-massage on his private part, and will probably drive him wild.

9. Be a naughty maid: There are times when you have to do your housework with him around. If he’s in the lounge, put on a naughty maid’s outfit and start dusting and cleaning around him. Make sure he has a direct view of you when doing this. Most men can’t resist the ‘show’.

10. Let your hair free: Letting your hair down (long hair) is one of the best sights a man can have. Men love watching women let their hair down.  Do it sensually with one sweep of your hand, and let it fall around your face.

11. Show some skin: Do this during a hot day, and as you go around with simple house chores. Put on clothes that show some skin – sarongs, short skirts, and low-cut tops will do the trick. Let him have a glimpse of your breasts and but as you go on with the chores. Most men will pretend they aren’t looking but will be, in the actual sense. Let him know it’s been your intention when you catch him stealing a glimpse.

12. Get wet: Identify days when he isn’t in a hurry to get out of the shower, then join him.

13. Footsies:  Whenever you go to a dinner party, or dinner, sit opposite him, then take off your shoes. Slide your toes up his leg almost to the crotch. This should make him shift his attention from the conversation to you.

14. Play some music: We all have that favorite romantic song we like listening to whenever alone. Play it one day and tell him how it makes you think of him. Be sure to include something that excites you about the song. Although you might not know it, he will always remember or think of you whenever/wherever he hears the song.

15.       Introduce sex toys: There are many toys that you can choose from, one thing that is sure to drive him wild is to make him wait! Invest in male chastity devices at lock the .

The simple ideas outlined above should help you reconnect more with your man, and give you some inspiration. Always remember that it is good to be naughty to your man – he is yours. Do you have any more ideas you wish to share?

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