How to Purify Your Negative Aura?

I really got into these spiritual things recently. Somehow I feel good reading them.

Our life started looking like a machine. Everything is automatic.

You get up, get dressed, wash your teeth and face, have breakfast, get ready for work…

…the day ends up with you going to sleep.

Do you get the picture?

There are small tweaks every day that make that day special. And that’s good.

Because this whole process is how it is, we are not using the same effort every day.

But we should.

You know that it’s going to end just like any other day. We lose passion and sometimes we feel really bored or lazy to do something.

Just do it tomorrow, we say.

The energy is just not there anymore. That’s why I tend to do different things every day.

That’s why I want to show you something I found. This is like a “how to” manual to retrieve that energy level.

It teaches you how to cleanse your aura.

Do you know what aura is?

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Why might this be important for you?

Let me ask you something.

Can you go to the nearest mirror and look in it? No, I don’t mean to look at yourself in the front camera of your smartphone.

Do you look drained? Overworked? Sleep deprived maybe?

Our body is made from muscles and bones. This is what we were taught at school.

I would say we are made of energy. Your muscles and bones are nothing without the energy in it.

The energy shines. It does that even out of your body borders. It can be witnessed using Kirlian photography.

That egg-shaped energy bubble you are wrapped in is the aura.

Just like you are all about taking care of your body and health, you need to take care of the aura, as well.

If you are:

  •      Lethargic
  •      Depressed
  •      Anxious
  •      Feeling “Heavy” for yourself and everyone around you.

You are the perfect fit for aura cleansing.

By doing that, you are purifying the negative energy you’ve collected through the day.

With that being said, here are 5 things you can do to clear that aura from negative energy.

Crystal Work

Black Tourmaline could help you cleanse the negativity off the aura.

Some people use it as jewelry part wearing it to stay protected through the day.

Search for other crystals that have the same abilities like agate, black kyanite, and Smokey quartz.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this comes from the Chinese culture.

The smoke from burning Sage has been used for many years to cleanse the aura of negative influence.

It comes with huge cleansing effect and people are using it for their home. It makes the air clear and relaxing.
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Essential Oils

Find or make your favorite essential oil. These are great for purifying, grounding and boosting your energy.

Apply them directly to the skin and add it to a diffuser to cleanse your environment and body.

Sea Salt Baths

Oh, they feel relaxed. Anyone who visited a spa center recently knows this. Sea salt baths are cleansing and balancing your body since forever.

It’s winter and you are not going to visit the sea anytime soon.

That’s why bathing in Epsom salt or Dead sea salt can purify your body after an intense day.

It will cleanse, refresh and reenergize your body!

Just enjoy nature!

Nature is a gift on Earth. It’s the most powerful tool that will brush the negative energy off.

It’s free therapy for every person in this world. Just being surrounded by the outside, you will feel relieved.

A simple walk in your garden, in the woods or sitting by some water, are really powerful ways to get close to nature.

I hope you will find this useful and share it with your friends. It’s always nice to have a great company while you are refreshing your aura.

Source: Collective Evolution

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