How to Plan Your Kitchen Design

It’s a lot of fun to dream about renovating your kitchen, making it into the work and living space of your dreams. And when there are so many kitchen design ideas out there on the web, it can be challenging to find the right styles for your home.

This short guide will help you start crafting the perfect kitchen design!

Simple Steps for Starting a Kitchen Design 

First, it’s good to get an idea of what you want. That can mean perusing Pinterest or your favourite home design website or catalogue for ideas. This initial research will help you get familiar with trends, materials on the market, find layouts similar to your home, and it will inspire you!

Utilize Inspirations: Mood Boards

When you sit down to seriously craft your new kitchen design, collecting your favourite photos and colour palettes can help you envision the final product clearly. Don’t just include pictures of kitchens, but paint swatches, cabinets, and knob styles too.

Also, think about getting fabrics samples for towels, rugs, and any window draperies you might want.

Plan The Layout

While you’re doing such a large remodel, think about any changes you might want to make to the structure of your kitchen. This includes putting up or taking down walls, adding a kitchen island, or moving where large appliances are.

Draw a diagram or find a 3D design tool online that can help you visualize your new space. After the planning phase is over, be sure to consult with a contractor if you want to remove a wall to ensure your house remains structurally sound.

Consider Your Budget 

Budget is often the making and breaking point of a fabulous new kitchen design. A good rule of thumb can help you keep track of your budget. The tip: split your costs up into three categories. One-third of the budget should go to labour, the second to finishes like countertops and faucets, and the third should be dedicated to replacing or refurbishing the cabinets.

Get Help!

If you have a basic idea of what you want for your kitchen renovation but need help executing your place, reaching out to a team of kitchen experts can help you make all your renovating dreams a reality.

Even if you have no idea where to start designing, the experienced team at Zeel Kitchens can offer you designers and construction professionals that can help you complete your project.