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How to Plan the Perfect Mother’s Day This Year

There’s no gainsaying that we all have that special woman in our lives. For most people, that person is their mother. Mother’s Day presents you with a perfect opportunity to thank her for all she has done for you.

Before now, you’ve likely been treating your mom with kindness and courtesy. That’s good, but you have to put a lot of thought and creativity into the planning on this special day. In this article, below, we’ve listed a range of Mother’s Day activities to help make the day a memorable one.

1. Surprise her with a Mother’s Day flower delivery.

An exquisitely arranged Mother’s Day bouquet in a vase adds to the sweetness of the day. Moreover, if your mom is a gardening type, giving her a bouquet of Mother’s Day roses to add to her garden is a good idea. Don’t know where to get Mother’s Day flowers? You can always order flowers for Mother’s Day from a local florist near you or an online flower delivery service. Try to place your order on time to avoid disappointments on the day. The florist might be too busy on Mother’s Day to have the bouquet at your requested time.

2. Spend quality time with her.

No doubt, you don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day to show your mom love. Most moms love it when their favorite people spend quality time with them. Bringing the entire family together is like the perfect gift you can give to her. Of course, the looming coronavirus will make spending time as a family a little tricky.

Fortunately, many governments have eased the lockdowns and travel bans in their respective countries, making travel a tad easier. If your region’s restrictions prevent you from being in the same room with many people, there are plenty of fun activities to do virtually.

3. Plan a getaway.

Beyond family vacations, a memorable getaway for your mom is essential. Your mom needs to take a break from being your mom. It’s high time you consider planning for one for her. You can organize an all-expense-paid trip, even if it’s just for a few days. Any lovely vacation destination can do, such as a trip to the Bahamas or a friendly Caribbean resort. A getaway affords your mom a chance to de-stress and relax. More so, she’ll return home feeling refocused and refreshed.

4. Treat her to something special.

Mother’s Day is a perfect day to give your mom a special treat. Moreover, your mom took care of you while growing up; it won’t be out of place if you returned the favor on Mother’s Day. When choosing the treat, put some thought into it to ensure the experience will stay with her forever.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to treating your mom to something nice. You could book a spa day, take her to the beach, or book reservations at her favorite hotel. Better still, you can ask her to choose what she wants—preferably an item on her bucket list.

5. Cook her a special delicacy.

Moms everywhere love it when their favorite people cook for them. No matter how terrible your cooking might be, your mom will appreciate you for going out of your way to prepare a dish. If not for any other thing, she will gladly enjoy the gesture.

Moreover, the meal you decide to cook doesn’t have to be something from a cookbook. It’s the thought that makes it unique.

Most importantly, you can opt for a dish that your mom loves. You can order a meal from her favorite restaurant and serve it to her at home No doubt, you don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day to show your mom love. The above ideas can be planned anytime in the year and are the perfect ways to make mum feel special.


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