How To Pick The Right Video Slot Machine

Picking the correct video slot game is no easy feat and this is because some online slots casinos have over a thousand titles to choose from. When you enter an online casino slots lobby, you are hit with the colours and powerful imagery that accompanies slots banners. The artwork on these rival film posters and their design is similar to movie posters as well. In fact, visiting an online casino is a bit like entering an old style film rental store and if you don’t choose wisely, you could end up with an inferior piece of entertainment. Obviously you can play slots in demo mode and this is the best way forward if you are finding it difficult to choose a slot you like. Demo mode is a lot like taking a new car for a spin to get a feel for it before you take the plunge and buy it outright.  Demo slots play gives you a huge imaginary balance and this means you can spin the game long enough to experience all the features and bonus rounds a slot has to offer. 

Themed Slots 

Firstly, you have to consider what interests you in the slots world, if you like themed slots then they are usually arranged by them. If you like animals then you are well catered for, as the animal themed slots just keep on coming. There are classics like Raging Rhino and newer titles like Gorilla Kingdom by NetEnt. 

Movies and TV 

Movies and hit TV shows have been inspiring slots developers for years. There are plenty of slots based on hit films and popular TV shows and the stars of them appear on the reels as the highest paying symbols. The good thing about film and TV based slots is that they offer nostalgia and come with an existing fan base. If you are a fan of the movie then you will already be familiar with the characters on the reels. Some slots even contain actual footage from the film that is edited into the slot game. 

Slots Terms and Phrases 

When you play slots you will come across terms and phrases that have become part of the slots gaming world. All are useful to know and some can influence your choice of slots you play. RNG or Random Number Generator refers to the computer microchip that is used to generate random spins across all slot games. It doesn’t matter what slot game you choose, the results of each spin will be down to the RNG. 

RTP or Return To Player percentage can have a direct influence on the games players choose to spin. Games with high RTP scores tend to payout better than those with low scores. The RTP score of a slot refers to the percentage amount a punter can expect of their staking money to be returned to them over a large number of spins.  The house edge refers to the advantage games have over the punter and slots give the house the biggest advantage over any other casino games.

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