How to Pick The Best Mouthwatering Watermelon

How many times you picked a watermelon that has no taste. It’s water, right?

The right watermelon needs to be sweet. Forget about everyone who tells you that there is too much sugar in the watermelon. It’s 90% water, so you are ready to go.

The watermelon comes as the perfect refreshing food for the summer. There are so many smoothie recipes you can make with it.

You can eat it like that if you enjoy beautiful and cold food that will feed your appetite for a longer period.

People use the watermelon just for that. They eat 300-400 grams of this low-calorie food just to prevent the hunger from striking them too soon.

Before we go down to picking the perfect and juicy watermelon, let’s see the full benefits of this excellent food:

Now, let’s get picky:

Trick #1

Look for the field spot. It’s that “whiter” area of the watermelon where the fruit lied down on the ground. The sport develops as the fruit becomes better and riper.

Trick #2

Check for the webbings. It’s the brown course material you can notice in some areas.

These brown web-styled lines are the result of pollinations. The more webbings you can notice on the fruit, the sweeter the taste would be.

Trick #3

Watch out for the weight and size of the watermelon.

Always opt in for the average sized watermelon. Forget about the saying that if you buy a smaller watermelon, the taste will be sweeter.

You decide the perfect weight. It should be suitable for the size.

Trick #4

The gender is important for the taste.

Wait, watermelons have genders? – Oh yeah.

The male version of the watermelon comes in a smaller size with a “penny-sized ring” on the end.

On the other hand, the female version is bigger and with a quarter-sized ring.

The female version is the sweater one.

I hope this will help you the next time you are going to pick a watermelon.

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