How To Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows Using Thread

This painful process of shaping your eyebrows can be difficult sometimes. Especially when you are really tired, but you need to get ready for tomorrow.

Women are definitely more into that. We just need to look perfect for every occasion.

When I say perfect I mean everything to be put in the right place. The right clothes. Matching jewels. The right makeup and hair. Perfect nails and taking care of every hairy spot on our body.


Yes. Every hairy spot on our body.

It’s a process most men don’t understand. That’s why they are always on time and force us to hurry up and get ready.

Hair removal is painful. At least for me. My skin is very sensitive to these things and that’s why I go through a painful time while doing it.

So, set aside the traditional “torn away” hair, we are going to try something different.

We are going to use a thread to shape our eyebrows. And here is how to do it.

It’s a time-tested method to shape eyebrows precisely, having been used in Central Asia and India for thousands of years.


Before you start, you would want to brush your eyebrows


Next,  Cut off about a foot of thread and tie it into a loop, trimming the ends off the knot. 


Twist the thread around to make an “X,” and repeat about 10 times. This forms the shuttle you’ll use to remove hairs.


Open the fingers on one hand and close them on the other to move the shuttle along. That’s how the twists in the thread will pull the hairs out. 


Move the shuttle in the direction opposite to the way the hair grows. Put one hand above the brow and one below, using the one below to move the shuttle. Put the hair you want pulled out in the “V” of the shuttle, then quickly move it up to pull out the hair with little pain.


Will you try something like this?

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