How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

At some point, you may be required to undergo a drug test from a sample of your hair. You might have finally landed a great job opportunity and security is high. A job like public transit or a government agency might be particularly interested in your drug use history.
A drug test can cause some anxiety whether you are squeaky clean or personally indulge in recreational drugs. So if you are wondering how to hedge your bets on your drug test, in this article we will try to share some practical ideas and facts on how to pass a hair follicle drug test.

The Differences in Drug Tests

According to “”, A urine test will show recent drug use, possibly up to a few days. A blood test will show only what is in the system at that time, up to a few hours. But the hair follicle drug test is the best method to show a longer period of drug use.
Typically a hair test will show a 90-day window of time. So if you are using drugs on a regular basis this test will reveal the time frame and the drug used. “The 420 Times” States that a hair test is as much as 5 or 10 times more accurate than a urine test.

What Drugs Can Be Tested With Hair

There are at least 18 different Hair Follicle Drug tests that can be purchased online ranging from $225 to $950. They can be tested individually or in panels of 7 to 17. Drugs detected are marijuana, amphetamines, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, PCP and Alcohol.

How The Test Works

You will be asked for proper identification and what prescription drugs you are taking from the doctor. Once you have signed and initialed the proper forms they will take a sample of your hair.
Typically a part will be made in the back of your hair and a thin collection of hair will be snipped in three places.
You would not notice the missing hair and only a 1.5 length of hair closest to the scalp is kept for testing. This is approximately 90 days worth of growth.

How to Be Sure of Passing the Hair Follicle Drug Test
There are several factors that might come into play when trying to be on the safe side of a Hair Drug test. But the best way is to be free of drug use of any kind for at least three months.
Drugs used are stored in the hair and become part of the cells as it grows, leaving a living history similar to an ice core. But typically 1.5 or less than 2 inches of hair is collected for sampling you only have to worry over the past 90 days.

Ways to Tip The Scale in your Favor
One of the more extreme ways is to be free of hair to be tested. Hair can be collected from your body so you would have to shave your whole body and you will need time to allow for regrowth.
There are products that you can buy that claim to clear your hair of drugs but the chances are slim that it would be effective. There are also DIY Home remedies that have some merit but are not proven. One of which is a 3 step application of saturating your hair with white vinegar for 15-20 min., then a 2% salicylic acid acne treatment for 30 min. And next a capful of liquid detergent for 30 min. Without rinsing the prior applications. After all that rinse thoroughly and do not shampoo or condition.

What are your chances of Hiding Your Drug Use ?
According to “US Drug Test Centers” the chance of beating the test is very unlikely. They claim that using products to cleanse the hair follicle of drugs might even increase the accuracy of the test by removing contaminants. So all things considered it seems that the best way to ace the test is to steer clear of any drugs for at least three months.

Your best Approach
It is always good to be prepared and if you’re expecting any new employment the try to stay drug-free for at least three months prior. But some jobs do random testing and there could be other factors that require a test. So do your best to meet expectations. Keep your cool and provide the right documentation. Try not to act overly anxious or talkative. And whatever method you decide to take to get a negative to pass a hair drug test it wise to be polite and cooperative.

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