How To Order Custom Hats

If you are trying to make a bold statement with your outfit, then one of the best ways to do so is to layer on some custom apparel. And in this respect, purchasing some wholesale patch hats is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. The benefit of custom hats is that they are flexible, stylish, and, as it turns out, easy to order. However, some people may not know how to go about the order process, so we decided to break it down into three main steps.

1. Choose the right type of hat

One of the first things to do is determining the variety of custom hats that will suit your needs or your brand best. And some of the most popular types of hats in the current market are beanies, dad hats, trucker hats, and wholesale baseball caps. This then raises the question, which one should I pick?

In this case, you will first have to consider what type of weather you intend them to be worn. If it is cold weather, you should go for something that will keep your customers warm, like a beanie. However, if you need something to wear while carrying out activities like hiking or sports, you should opt for a baseball hat. Alternatively, if you want something casual to be worn on a hot day out, you should go for a trucker hat instead.

Here are some more details to help you understand the different types of hats better:

Baseball Caps

When it comes to customizing baseball caps, you often have to decide whether you want the cap to be more of a fashion piece or a casual staple, that your customers will be able to wear anytime. Moreover, there are a few popular variations of baseball hats to choose from, such as;

  • Dad Hats – These hats are often confused with baseball caps because of their visual similarities. However, there are a few innate differences that you need to take into account. For one, this type of hat usually comes in an unstructured six-panel design and also comes with an adjustable closure in the back. They are also mostly made up of cotton or synthetic fabrics and are usually available in a wide variety of colors. In terms of customization, you can use screen printing or embroidery. This would make it an excellent pick if you are looking for something casual for everyone to wear.
  • Trucker Hats –  When it comes to trucker hats, these often come made of two fabrics, with the front section being made of cotton or polyester, while the back section is made using mesh fabric. These mesh materials do well to provide an extra layer of breathability. And it is for this reason that these hats are often worn casually on hot days. Another notable difference between trucker hats and baseball caps is that they are usually structured and stiffer than the typical baseball or dad hat. As such, they are taller than most other caps and thus offer more room for placing custom logos, text, or embroideries. This is also why many brands and companies order trucker hats wholesale. As they are can be an excellent marketing and promotional tool.

Another thing that you always have to consider is what demographic do you want to wear your hats? Is it younger teenagers? Middle-aged people? Are they active? Do they like sports? Are they more likely to respond to bright colors or something minimal? And if your audience is mixed, then you should try mixing it up. Luckily, baseball caps are unisex, so you can try different things that will appeal to both sides of the spectrum.

2. Design your custom hats

Once you have picked out the type of hat, the next step is to customize it with your designs and logos.Most hat manufactures usually offer online product design tools that allow you to edit and preview what your hats will look like with any custom text, clipart, logos, artwork and patterns. Once you have the final design set, you can always make your order online or email it to the manufacturers and they will process it for you.

However, keep in mind that it’s always best to try coming up with a unique design instead of settling for something on-trend. This also means that before you fully commit to a specific design, always ensure that the selection is something you are happy with and that looks good. You should also get some opinions from friends and family to let you know if your final design is appealing or not.

Most hats can be designed in a wide array of colors and patterns, so it’s up to you to find something or create something special that will attract your audience and customers. For instance, you can opt to design some bucket hats custom and use camo prints or stripes and mix it up with some unique embroidery for a classy touch.

3. Send your design to the manufacturer

Once you have finally decided on what your hat will look like, you can contact the manufacturer and email them your final design template. And for best results, it’s always recommended that you send the image as an EPS file. However, don’t be too worried if you think that your design is inaccurate. Most manufacturers will help you review it. And they can recommend different ideas of how to improve the design, if necessary. You can then let them know the number of hats that you want, and just like that, your custom hats will be on their way soon enough!