How To Motivate a Child to Do Assignments?

Most children hate homework, let’s face it, and they’re hardly is a way to make them love it. Though, it is still possible to make it less stressful for your children and give them that homework motivation boosts they need. You’ve probably heard people saying that it is possible to make any child love homework or that there’s an approach to every kid, but what if your child has no motivation to do homework and nothing seems to change that? Well, each child is an individual, and what works for one child would not work for the other, so you’ve got to be creative and put some effort into that task.

Know Your Child

Well, the first step to making any progress in any area concerning your child, make sure there’s a connection between you. You’ve got to know what bothers your child, what makes them happy, what might be the cause of them being unmotivated, and as a result, why your child refuses to do homework. For you, as a grownup with grownup’s problems, school and homework might look like a silly joke, but try to remember how terrible it was back in the days, put yourself in your child’s shoes. Understanding is the key to progress, so you’ve got to be the best parent and really get to know your child. 

Approach Homework with Joy

Try to change the attitude towards the homework by making it look free, more positive, and more rewarding. Oftentimes, the problem is that a learner does not see the reason to learn: why do we study maths? Why do we have to write essays? Why do we need to know about the reproductive organs of some frogs or whatnot? Those are the questions every struggling learner asks, and not finding the answers to those questions kills the joy. So, you’ve got to give justification and example of where the knowledge can be applied. Give your child a free essay sample from Paper Ap on the topic you struggle with, let them see that there’s much more to this topic than boring homework. Once your learner knows why they learn, it will become so much more pleasant and fun. 

Encourage Creativity

Walking a paved path might be a good idea in some cases, but what most kids hate about homework and life, in general, is having to play by the rules. You know it, kids love to do everything their way, and whether it is writing essays on various topics, having to do calculations, or working on some projects, they just oppose conformity of that process. Kids and especially teenagers are rebellious in their nature, and that makes them more likely to do things their own way. The best of the homework tips here would be to just allow your kid to approach the homework their way.

Allow Mistakes

Mistakes are integral to learning, and it is great when a child makes a mistake and learns from it. Preventing the learners from making mistakes is the worst mistake you can make, so make sure they have enough freedom and enough courage to do something new and make their own mistakes. Provide your kid with some paper example, give something to look up to, and let them do it their way. Free essay writing or doing any kind of homework using a sample and being creative is a good way to learn. Find inspiration in some online catalog and give your kid space for trying and making mistakes. That way they’ll get truly engaged in the process and have fun doing their work.  


If the question of how to get motivated to do homework and help your kid write some decent essays is so critical to you, then you should probably get to know your child in a more profound way, try allowing mistakes, and encourage more creativity. Find some free essay samples on the topic, go to specialized websites, research ProCollegeEssays on how to encourage your child to study, and generally try to be more attentive to what your kid needs. That’s free, but it surely takes some serious effort to overcome the barriers between you and your child, so get ready for some work and self-reflection. So, if you are ready to make an effort and work towards achieving that goal, go ahead and do your best! 

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