How to Melt Driveway Ice FAST by Mixing Three Simple Ingredients

This cold weather doesn’t want to go away, and the driveway ice is getting stronger and stronger.

The icy road is dangerous and a small careless moment could mess things up and take innocent lives.

I know I’m a little bit rigorous with the consequences, but I’m tired seeing and hearing about car accidents every day.

The extremely low temperatures are not dangerous only for the road. Let’s take your home as an example.

The ice around your home could cause accidents as well.

Whenever you try to go out to the nearest grocery store, for example, you are frightened that you could fall and break something.

Some people find a simple solution by throwing salt on the driveways and around the house. It will do the trick, but did you know that store-bought salt is too expensive and could damage your environment?

How the Salt Affects the Environment?

The salt is one of those “ice-melters.” However, the authorities are using too much on the driveways, and that’s bad.

Salt overdose destroys the grass and foliage. The salt goes into the natural environment and causes dehydration.

Furthermore, it prevents a natural and healthy growth of the roots, disrupts nutrient uptake and causes injury to flowers, leaves, stems, and new seed germination.

And that’s not all.

The salt damages the infrastructure, as well. This includes the flooring, doorways, sidewalks, parking decks, roads, and bridges.

So, if salt is out of the question, what should we use?

The solution comes as simple as possible. You just need a few ingredients I believe you have in your home right now.


  • ½ Gallon of Warm Water
  • 6 Drops of Environmental Safe Dish Soap
  • 2 Ounces of Rubbing Alcohol


  • Fill up a container with the warm water
  • Add six drops of the environmental safe dish soap along with the two ounces of alcohol
  • Stir the mixture well

Friendly Advice: Pour the mixture into a spray bottle for easier application. You can use this spray on the frozen windshields on your car

Here is an instructions video that will help the whole process:

See? You can melt ice and save the environment at once. That’s how effective this 3-ingredients ice melting mixture is.

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