How to Maximize Your Car Accident Injury Claim

Texas law gives you the ability to receive full compensation for all losses, damages, and injuries that occur after an accident. However, since Texas is a Modified Comparative Fault state, each driver must cover the cost for their share of responsibility in an accident.

While this is true, there are steps you can take to help improve the likelihood that you receive full compensation. One option is to talk to a personal injury attorney, such as about your case, some other tips are found below.

Determine the Value of the Damages You Suffered

One of the first steps to take when negotiating with the insurance company is to know what you are negotiating for. Take time to carefully value the different damages you can claim. Get to know the different types of damages that are available to you in a Texas car accident, including physical and emotional suffering, property damage, lost work, rehabilitation services, and medical bills.

While you don’t want to request too much, you want to ensure you aren’t leaving anything out, too. After you have determined an honest assessment of your claim’s value, it is time to speak with the insurance company.

Determine What You Are Willing to Accept

It is important to figure out what you want to recover for your losses. Consider what is fair and what would make you happy. You must also figure out what the lowest amount you are willing to accept is.

You should never let the other side know what your settlement goals are. Your ultimate goal is to get the most settlement you can that provides a fair representation of your losses. Considering what your settlement goals are before taking action is a good way for you to have a baseline to begin negotiations. It will also help you determine if the offers you receive are fair.

Expect a Low Offer from the Insurance Company

While the goal is to get the most recovery possible, the insurance company wants the case to settle for as little as possible. What this means is that you should not be too surprised if you get a low offer. The insurance company’s hope is that you will have to accept any offer they give you.

When you receive that lowball offer, you may feel angry. You may even be upset that the insurance company is being unfair in the amount they offer. Just remember that this is a tactic that is used by companies with the hope that you will bite and settle your case for less than it is really worth. This is the point when having an attorney on your side can be invaluable, as they know how to negotiate with the other party.

Determine Your Strongest Points for Conversations

Talking to an insurance adjuster is often intimidating. It is a good idea to keep notes of the most compelling points you have so you can discuss these with your attorney, and they can use them when dealing with the insurance company. By doing this, the other side will see you are serious about receiving a fair amount of recovery for your case.

Finding the Right Attorney Is Key

Remember, if you want to recover the most money possible for your accident case, you must find the right attorney. Put some time and effort into finding someone who will provide you with the quality services needed and that will work diligently to help you get the recovery you deserve. Being informed and knowing what to look for in an attorney is the best way to ensure the right person for the job is hired. 

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