How to manage your way through university?

Just as we wake up in the morning, we might feel there is enough time to complete various tasks throughout the day. Thus, we plan to do a million things like getting done with two chapters, cleaning the room, making a meal, an intense two-hour workout, and even writing an article. However, at the end of the day, we find that all we have done is watch movies or some videos and hardly read a chapter. Such a massive failure is experienced because we mind-map unrealistic schedules as a daily routine. Moreover, maintaining the planned level of productivity for an extended period becomes a challenging task. You will end up feeling exhausted and tired.

In contrast, not planning anything and being very casual about what you do in a day hinders your success. Procrastination builds up, and that will not let you achieve anything. Read this article to find out how can you manage your way through university.

How to manage time effectively?

1. A time-table is a must

During the pandemic, lectures are mostly conducted online, and the professors ensure following the time-table just as they would follow during offline classes. Therefore, you need to attend lectures simultaneously, and you must not depend on videos that can be accessible later. Sticking to the time-table will help you maintain a routine like before.

2. List down three tasks you wish to do each day

To-do lists are helpful to ensure things get done. However, these lists can be counter-productive in case it is too long and you are so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start. Therefore, it is best to make a general note of all the things you have to complete concerning university, life, or job. Moreover, make sure you don’t spend a lot of time to try and remember your to-do tasks. Furthermore, keep taking out three to-do tasks for each next day from your overall bucket list and keep ticking those with each passing day. You will, indeed, feel more productive.

3. Remind yourself to take breaks

Setting a timer is the best method to work productively and take the required breaks. Studying at home might be difficult due to several distractions. However, your timer will help you remember that you are not supposed to leave the work until it buzzes. Further, when things go back to normal, this will be very important when you find yourself living away from home. Visit here to help yourself in finding a home away from your home.

4. Limit your distractions

Distractions such as phones can be avoided. Ensure leaving your phone at a place where you cannot reach, and you will be surprised to notice the time you are saving. Scrolling Instagram feeds or constantly getting distracted due to notifications and messages kill time. Also, you can download apps like Forest, which discourage the user from unlocking his phone.

5. Discover your active-time

Rarely some people can maintain their productivity throughout the day. Mostly, there is a fixed time wherein a person’s productivity level is higher, and the brain is less likely to get distracted. Therefore, structure your schedule accordingly.

6. Set a time-table

The daily schedule is not the same as a to-do list. Fix a time for all the work, leisure, and exercise. This time-table will help you keep track of and schedule things other than university work.

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