How To Make Your Summer Bag With Embroidering

As a young kid, I had always wanted to stand out. Whether it is getting the best grades, wearing the best shoes, or wearing the best clothes or bags. But then again, not everybody was born with that life. I, for one, wasn’t, but I knew I could always get what I wanted with hard work. My breakthrough into Embroidery all started when I saw my first customized handbag. The way and manner the bag was designed using Embroidery, coupled with the neatness and feeling of the crested embroidery art on the handbag, blew my mind. Everyone wanted theirs just like mine, and at that point, I knew that was the feeling I always wanted. Fast forward to 6 years after undergoing 3 years of professional training in the art of Embroidery, I decided to open my customized handbag and embroidery store.

To all first-timers of the word “embroidery,” Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric or any material using needle and thread. Although this can be done using the hand and take quite some time, special machines have been built for this purpose, thus saving time. While handmade Embroidery guarantees a first-hand experience and skill of the art, the latter requires you to make the digitized format of your craft and upload it to an embroidery machine in a recognizable format. Most notable due to the difficulty and time consumption of a handmade embroidery craft, the handmade has proven to be more expensive than the machine-made craft.

Certain seasons tell you what to produce as an entrepreneur that makes handbags. For instance, furry, fluffy, fuzzy, or faux-fur characteristics in winter are preferred to other bags during the winter season. My favorite season is summer, and this is major because the summer season is nice enough to accommodate most types of bags. This article will shed light on how to make your summer bag with embroidery designs. Let’s delve right in.

How to Create Your Summer Bag with Embroidery Designs;

While it is essential to have the skills and technical know-how of the embroidery craft, having a good understanding of the fabric the craft goes on is also vital to producing a great summer bag, whether for sale or personal use. Here are the key things to know when creating your first summer bag the handmade way;

Know Your Fabric

Summer is characterized by high temperatures, and having a not-so-tight leather fabric will be better, especially for taking short walks to the beach. Cutting fabrics into the shape of bags is easy, and if you are a DIY enthusiast, this can be quickly learned online. One thing to note while choosing a fabric is that complex fabrics require stronger needles, and you have to wash any fabric before embroidering to prevent shrinking and spoiling design patterns. The color of the fabric is also important. You will not want to hold a black bag in sunny weather due to heat. A more suitable color is off-white, grey, or something that does not absorb heat.

Get a Design

You can go in a lot of directions regarding design. While it can be a fun aspect of getting your summer handbag, it can also be overwhelming. The space you’ve got to work with on your chosen fabric is limited. And then, you’ve got color combinations, the difficulty of sewing, the size of the design, and the placement of design elements to consider. One situation you want to avoid is making considerable progress with an embroidery project only to realize you’ve made a mistake or misjudged the placement of your design on the material.

That doesn’t have to be the case. You can give yourself a helpful advantage by choosing from the many designs available at Creative Fabrica’s embroidery library. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro at embroidery, they’ve got great resources that’ll make things a lot easier. You can get unique and well-thought embroidery designs for your summer bag or any other project in a variety of sizes. On Creative Fabrica, you can find a variety of free modern embroidery designs; though some freebies may come with a commercial license. You can browse their collection for free and proceed to make a design purchase when you find a design or pattern you like. They also offer a yearly subscription fee of $29.99 for their all-access 100designs.

Begin Cutting into Bag Shapes

Measure the fabrics and use a fabric pen or a pencil to mark out the shape and size you’d want. Gently cut using fabric scissors for neat cutting. Remember that you must cut another piece to make the bag’s handles.

Gently use the fabric pencil to draw out the pattern you want; this gives you direction when you start embroidering. The process of embroidering involves placing a thread into a needle and making a craft or drawing on the fabric. Once this is done, you may want to hem the edges of the cut rectangles. This is important to prevent any loose thread of the fabric from other pull out and destroying the fabric.

Join All Cut Fabrics to Make a Bag

Then place the fabric in a sewing machine and neatly join both rectangles together, leaving one part open. Also, neatly join the handles, and there you go. You have made your first summer bag. Doing this can be time-consuming. While it seems easy, the details that go into embroidering make it seem complicated, and in more recent times, companies have adopted machines such as the Tajima with digitizer software such as fancy work studios. Embroidery that could otherwise take days to be completed could just 30 minutes to be completed.

Getting a summer bag with embroidery is easy, and we have pointed you in the direction of accessible and affordable designs. Creative Fabrica lets crafters explore the wide range of crafting by offering over 4 million quality fonts, graphic illustrations, SVGs, machine embroidery files, sewing patterns, printables, 3D SVG templates, and much more. Talented designers create all kinds of designs, and these new designs are added daily to their design collections available for customers to pick their preferable designs. They also offer a wide range of quality freebies (free fonts, free SVGs, and more) – which is perfect if you want to test their designs! For more information about Creative Fabrica, simply visit their robust website.

Photo by Sena Yıldırım