How To Make Your Sink Crystal Clear Using 1 Ingredient?

Everything happens in the sink. That’s why it looks so “nasty” sometimes. Even when you clean it after every use, stains are all over the place.

I don’t want to give you a wrong image there. I’m cleaning my sink regularly, but we can agree that it could stay messy sometimes.

The hard water and other things do what they do best at making it look like that.

Using chemicals won’t help. Most of the time it will look like it’s clean and all that, but when you come back a few hours later, the sink looks like it used to before.

And that’s what annoys me the most!

That feeling made me search for better solutions about it. One solution that caught my attention was this 1-ingredient solution.

We are going to use 5% white vinegar from now on.

I know, I know. I can see your faces right now. We all need to stay optimistic about it.

You just need to grab the vinegar, pour it into a bowl and put some cotton cloth in it. Make sure it doesn’t come to any contact with water.

Dry out the sink before you use this method. Wrap the soaked cotton cloth around your faucet and around the areas with stains.

If it’s possible, you can take some clothes and apply them all on different stained areas at the same time.

Leave the clothes for an hour and after that remove them. The next move is cleaning. Grab a sponge and scrub them off. Use the “green side” of the sponge.

Here is a video that will help you go through the steps.

Voila. Clean as a whistle.

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