How to make your news portal big using the advantages of Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform that has a wide reach, news on Instagram spreads like a wildfire. It can also be used to promote your news portal and increase reader base.

Instagram allows you to put up a link in the bio. Whenever you have any piece of information or a big story that you have put up in your portal but want to direct traffic from Instagram, you can put up a post with images or graphics related to the news that explains it’s theme and write the material in the caption.

In the space provided for the caption you can mention to read more click on the link in bio. The link will direct them to your portal where the audience can read that particular news or other stories.

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You can also use the IGTV feature to put up videos related to hot topics – this will help your media house to engage more with the audience. You can upload an hour-long interview with prominent personalities, put 3-4 minutes of IGTV content and ask to watch the full video on your portal. Don’t forget to put up the link.

Come up with IGTV shows, with fixed upload days so that your audience waits for it. Do question answers sessions, do live sessions.


To increase viewership, make sure the content you produce is of high quality, try to put the truth up rather than being biased. Also, try to increase your Instagram followers by following a solid strategy.

Not every post needs to direct them to your portal, some can help grow Instagram. This will indirectly increase the readership and viewership for the following content.

Also, you can buy views to make the organic followers perceive that a lot of people have read your articles, watched your videos and have found your content good, this will make their subconscious mind believe that maybe the piece of content put up is worth their time. Do not fall prey to get some dormant followers as well. Order Instagram followers from a safe site and make sure they are active. Buying Instagram likes in addition to views and fans would bring you more benefits from this strategy – you can do that easily on, take a look at their website when you’re ready.


Memes are very much in now, try to make memes related to the current scenario in the world. People relate to meme a lot. The quirkier it is the more it will be shared and will reach masses. Be regular with the content. Keep your audience updated.

There are no restrictions on the number of stories one can upload on Instagram. Put some to build strong personal relations with your followers, the connectivity has to increase.


Leverage your highlights, if you have covered amazing content and put it up in your stories, make sure you mention it in highlights. In future, if someone discovers your page, your intersecting ground of work will make them follow your page.

Concluding, the prime importance has to be given to increase the follower base on Instagram then direct them to your news portal by putting up the link in bio. Engage in interesting activities and always keep followers in the loop. Once you have crossed the 10000 mark, the swipe-up stories can also be put up that is more convenient for the audience to land up on your portal.



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