How to Make This Mother’s Day Safe and Memorable

A second Mother’s Day in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic is less than ideal. Whether you’re the mom or you’re worried about how to make this Mother’s Day special for your own mother, it’ll take a little creative thinking to make this year’s a one to remember. Yet with some planning, an open mind, and a little cooperation, you can certainly come up with a plan to make this year’s Mother’s Day memorable. For some ideas on how to make Mother’s Day special in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, read on.

Start with the perfect arrangement

Nothing says Mother’s Day like the perfect Mother’s Day flower arrangement. If your mom loves fresh flowers, you’ll want to start thinking about your Mother’s Day flower delivery sooner, rather than later. When picking out the best arrangement, consider your mother’s tastes. From traditional Mother’s Day favorites like lilies, daisies, carnations, and pink roses, to the more extravagant orchids and peonies, there are a number of ways to pick the best arrangement for Mom.

Consider your mother’s personality when ordering your arrangement. If she’s one to enjoy a unique gift, stay away from tulips and opt for something a little different like sunflowers or succulents. Other ways to pick a great arrangement are to think of her favorite color and work that into a theme, or to find a unique vessel different from the standard vase such as a wicker basket, and more. Instead of picking out the typical bouquet, do what you can to get a little more creative this year with your floral arrangement. Not only will it brighten Mom’s spirits, but it could lift yours, too.

Consider a virtual celebration.


Nothing is quite like getting together in person and giving Mom a hug. If your family needs to remain socially distant due to the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still make this year’s Mother’s Day special for Mom. While meeting in person might be preferable, putting some creativity into a Facetime, Zoom, or other video chat meeting could make Mom’s special day a one to remember.

Consider talking to siblings about signing up for a virtual wine tasting, movie streaming night, or online painting class this year with Mom. Gather some old pictures and create a digital scrapbook you can present to your mom during your virtual Mother’s Day celebration. Setting a tone of fun and reminding your mom that next year will be in person could help make her big day a success. In the end, what matters most is that you find a way to show her your love.

Think about plans for the future

think about plan

If you’ll be celebrating virtually to keep it safe for Mom, be sure to come up with a list of things you’ll do together in the future. Your gift could even include a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or show for after the pandemic. In reminding yourself and your mom that you’ll be together again soon and safely, you’ll be giving each other hope.

If you’re a mom, consider asking your kids for the gift of future, in-person plans. Whether it’s planning a family barbecue for next year or planning a picnic for later in this year, making your wishes known will help things along.

Personalize your gifts

personalize gifts

More than ever, a personal message will go a long way with your mom. Many people are feeling more depressed and socially isolated than ever before. For this reason, it’s important that you include a personalized note or message with your perfect gift. Whether it’s a letter to Mom telling her how much you appreciate her, or that you personalize the gift itself with a favorite quote or sentimental message, your personal touch will be sure to put a smile on Mom’s face this year.

Regardless of the specifics of this year’s Mother’s Day plans, Mother’s Day 2021 is bound to be a memorable one if you put your heart into planning it. Start early to make provisions for shipping on that perfect gift or flower delivery. You’ll be glad you did and your mother will be thankful for it, too. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the mothers you love.