How To Make Money Through Blogging In 2019

It is the year 2019, and if you are not making money from what you enjoy doing; then you are doing it wrong. In recent times, bloggers and digital writers have increased immensely; however, not so many are earning good or at all, despite all the effort they seem to be putting into creating content. So gather round, if you are a blogger and want to know how to make money through your blog or the website you write for this 2019.

Ad Networks

Asides from curating and putting together the best and most useful content on the internet through your blog. It would be almost irrelevant if it does not get to the targeted audience. For starters, you have to be very familiar with Ad networks, which are the primary channels for monetizing content from blogs. Two of the popular ad networks are Google AdSense and These networks place adverts on your page which without affecting your content and then you get the returns from the ads. On Sourajit Saha’s blog, you can get a breakdown of how these ad networks help out and how to get approved on

Affiliate Marketing

Another significant way bloggers make money is through Affiliate Marketing. You can check Sorajit Saha for a more extensive guide on affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliate marketing allows bloggers to make more money from affiliating with businesses and brands by advertising for the brands in question.

Sell Your e-Book

If you can write for your blog, then you can write a book! You can package all of that great content into a ‘how-to’ book, a journey book or any other topic you might be interested in because having an e-book is much easier for readers than the hardcopy. Also, try to write about something you have passion for. Put it up for sale on your blog or Amazon.

Direct Advertisement

As much as emphasis has been placed on using ad networks and affiliate marketing effectively, there is nothing that compares to having direct adverts on your page from brands. This form of making money from blogging covers up for the limitations of using AdSense. To get more brands to work with your blog, make sure there is a detailed landing page dedicated to informing potential clients to advertise with your blog. On Sorajit Saha‘s blog, he did not mince words on how to go about getting the right ads and making the right sales from your blog.

Have A Service List

To show your versatility when it comes to designing content to meet a need, create a service list for clients and potential clients. This makes it quite easy for the client to choose what package to subscribe to, depending on the need and the budget available. At first, you might offer not so many services, but as you become vaster in the blogging space, adjust your service list to include all the new skills you have acquired. Also, make sure, these clients can contact you quickly and get a quick response to their inquiries.

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