How To Make Looking After Your Horse Easier

Looking after a horse is an honor and a privilege. They are elegant and intelligent animals and require your love and attention.

Still, looking after your steed isn’t always a walk in the park. After all, everyone experiences challenging days wherever even the simplest of responsibilities can take their toll. To make matters worse, even passers-by are responsible for horses falling ill due to ignorantly presuming that they can feed the creatures themselves without any supervision or permission. 

Another way to make caring for your equine friend more manageable is to invest in good-quality gear. Quality show jumping saddle pads, for example, are designed to outlast most conditions and keep your horse’s back comfortable throughout the day; plus, other horse gear, such as bridles, and grooming equipment not only helps keep your horse comfortable but also could potentially save you time and money in the long run by lasting longer.

Looking after a horse can indeed be challenging at times, but the rewards are immense as well. In the end, all your hard work will surely pay off with numerous moments of sheer bliss. Before then, though, it may help you to first know how to make looking after your horse easier. You can find out below.

Consult Government Guidelines

When maintaining the welfare of your horse, you should first consult official government guidelines on these matters. This will give you a clearer view of what’s expected of you by law.

Obviously, many people will anticipate feeding their steeds and sheltering them. However, you will also need to comply with measures that help reduce disease, pain, and injury risk by regularly consulting your veterinary surgeon and providing 3ft 6ins to 4ft 6ins sized fences for your horse. Do some independent research to see the full range of requirements and recommendations for quality horse care.

Owners of other animals may be able to get away with the occasional bit of improvisation. However, because horses have a few more demands, you must heed expert advice. Don’t assume you know better, and don’t take any risks.  

Develop Your Self-Discipline

Following the government, guidelines are part of your job, but you may struggle to do this if you don’t work on your sense of self-discipline.

Create a routine for both yourself and your horse and stick to it. You will need to set aside a minimum of 30 minutes to tend to all your responsibilities. These include providing the horse’s food and drink twice daily and cleaning them and their stables after taking them out to pasture. Once you have a basic framework to stick to, horse care can become much easier.

Look beyond the basics. It’s worth spending more time grooming them, which can keep them clean and comfortable through a soothing experience. You can also take them for a quick ride or through a training course if you’re skilled enough to do so. It’s all a bonding experience, and it will be easier to look after your horse when you enjoy one another’s company.

Teach Someone Else

Horse care can be fun and active. However, it can also become part of a routine.

No matter the context, sometimes routines can become a bit tedious on occasion. If you want to mix things up, why not bring a friend or family member along for the ride? Seeing their excitement and wonder may help you to perceive your responsibilities with fresh eyes, unearthing a new self-appreciation for all the duties you attend to.

You may also be able to build your level of self-confidence by fielding questions, demonstrating the high degree of knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years. Remember, an everyday task for you can be a brand-new and mesmerizing experience for someone else. Who knows what unforgettable memories you could be responsible for creating?

Use a Reputable Supplier

Horse care supplies can be an area of concern sometimes. Finding the stock you need at a reasonable price isn’t always straightforward, especially with the pandemic lockdowns being thrown into the mix this past year.

Once you have found a reputable supplier, it’s best to continue trading with them for the duration o your horse ownership. Working with the same company means you can be sure of receiving quality products on schedule without any risk factors, such as delays or inferior products.

The Equi Supermarket website has stocked the finest range of quality horse care goods, so there’s no need to source your goods from multiple suppliers. You can receive it all in no time thanks to their reliable delivery service as well. They also provide their own guides on horse ownership, as well as a newsletter that can keep you updated on their journey and offerings.

Utilize Your Network

Horse ownership might seem daunting at first, but you aren’t alone.

There’s a charming social aspect to horse ownership. You may share stables and paddocks with fellow enthusiasts or ride your steed alongside a friend on theirs. Still, this type of common ground can establish more than just a casual friendship. A community can flourish from these interactions, and soon enough, your horse care strategies can crossover somewhat as you help one another with your duties.

Horse care can sometimes seem like a very personal thing between you and your animal. However, an extra pair of hands can help things along more smoothly and may even reduce physical and mental stress on your behalf also. Be sure to help others where you can also. In the end, asking for help is always a viable option. If your pride is getting in the way, then speak up for the sake of your horse at least.

If you’re a social person, then this side of things can be an incentive to enjoy horse care even more. Your stable may have riding clubs and icebreaker events for people like yourself to enjoy. Nurture your passion and seize all these opportunities that may come your way.

Research Subtleties

Horses are exceedingly intelligent creatures. Often, they will communicate their thoughts and feelings openly.

Try to research all the nuances of a horse’s body language, as it can all tell you whether they’re happy, worried, or dozy. It may also inform you whether they’re angry, and if they are, you will obviously need to keep your distance. Attuning yourself with your horse in this manner may enable you to better cater to their needs.

Of course, the bond between pet and owner is always crucial. In reading their body language and better anticipating their needs, you will simultaneously take your bond with your horse further as well. Get on their level as much as you can, and your horse’s quality of life will surely improve.

Photo by Helena Lopes