How to Make Friends with Benefits Relationships Work?

Friends with benefits (FWB) appear like the ideal setup if you are not interested in becoming part of a couple. You get to have incredible sex with somebody you feel comfortable with while skipping the trappings of an average relationship.

No relationship could be greater than one with lots of awesome sex without the emotional roller coasters. Both of you know the restrictions of the relationship, and you decide that the give-and-take does not encompass beyond the “benefits” you give one another.

If you’re one of those beginners in this kind of relationship, you might be puzzled about where to start. Below are our best tips on how to make FWB relationships work.

1. Have The Same Expectations About Your Relationship

Both parties should know the purpose of the relationship and the things needed of every individual. Do you want to start it off properly? Both of you must decide that this is exclusively a FWB condition and that running errands and meeting the family together is a big no-no.

You two should agree that it’s only a physical relationship that needs penetration. Remember that anything more than an climaxcould be precarious.

2. Be Open to The Relationship

FWB relationships are more about sexual openness and having fun. There’s no essence in doing it if the person you’re having sex with does not care about your desires. You need to experiment and explore together. After all, good sex is mentally and physically healthy.

3. Don’t See One Another Often

The important thing in this kind of relationship is to have fantastic casual sex and not to get emotionally involved. That might prove to be a concern for others. However, it’s in your best interest to keep the emotional attachment to a minimum.

To do this, make sure you are infrequent with your meetings. Perhaps it is best if you limit your engagements to twice a week on random nights. One rule to remember is that you must never have a day scheduled where you see your FWB partner. Doing that might be an indication you’re prioritizing them, resulting in something more.

4. Keep It Casual

Texting one another each day only to chat or wishing to hang out blurs the line of your relationship. That could end up with you getting offended if they cannot go to a date with you. So make sure you keep it casual.

5. Every FWB Relationship Has An Expiration Date

The saying, ‘Nothing lasts forever’ is the perfect way to label this kind of relationship. The FWB relationship might be one of the shortest ones you’ll be involved in of all the relationships you’ll invest in through your life. Ensure both of you know that this relationship will end and that it might happen impulsively.

Are you now looking for a Friends with Benefits relationship today? Dating apps such as FWB Tinder is filled with people searching for all types of relationships. Most of them are seeking for ‘Friends-with-Benefits’ relationships. Just make it clear in your profile what you love, then begin reaching out to potential Friends-with-Benefits matches. Have fun!

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