How to make fake food for reborn baby dolls?

A reborn doll is a life-like doll that has been assembled and customized by an artist to resemble a real-life infant. There are some cases that those hyper-realistic baby dolls have been occasionally mistaken for a real baby, because of its realistic appearances. Since the reborn movement in the late 1990s, creating reborns become popular within the doll-making community. Some people keep a hobby of collecting reborn dolls as they think this is a form of art and has values. With the gradually exposing of these art dolls on social media, many people love them and enjoy the source of comfort. In addition, parents would like to choose silicone reborn babies as a gift for their little children, according to the reborn doll guide online. Most families get more smiles thanks to the existence of reborns, especially when kids are role playing. In the process of this activity, adults and kids are finding ways to pretend to feed the doll.

Feeding a reborn doll doesn’t mean the real feeding. Food and milk bottles for reborn dolls are just for display. If your girl doll has a tube, then by feeding, it may grow mold inside the tube.

Do you want a recipe for fake milk and food? Well! It’s your lucky day. We have enlisted a few different recipes, including milk, food, orange juice, and chocolate milk, for your real-life baby dolls. Therefore, please stick with us.

  1. Preparation of milk for reborn doll

You need feeding bottles, a measuring spoon, body lotion, detergent, or flour to prepare fake milk for reborn dolls.


Fill the feeding bottle as much as you want. Then add body lotion to it and shake it vigorously. You can add more lotion if your milk looks fake.


By preparing milk using the above method lacks the tiny bubbles which the real milk has. Hence, here is the second method to make it more realistic.

Fill your feeding bottle with water and add flour with your measuring spoon. You can also add a tiny amount of detergent to create bubbles. Then add lotion to this solution and shake it to form a uniform solution. Your formula milk for the doll, which may be bought from a famous reborn doll brand company,  is ready.

  1. Choco-milk for reborn doll

The apparatus you need to make Choco-milk for your doll contains Vanilla syrup, flour, water, and a measuring spoon.

Fill your bottle with water and add flour to it. Then add a very tiny amount of vanilla for giving your solution chocolate-like color. Always add less at first because it’s easy to add more at the end. Shake it, and your Choco-milk is ready.

  1. Orange juice recipe

If you want to make juices for your reborn dolls, you need food colors and the apparatus used for formula milk.

Add water to your bottle, a little bit of flour because orange juice is never see-through. Then, add a tiny pinch of detergent or lotion. Squeeze the food color bottles and add 1-2 drops of yellow and red color to make it like real orange juice.

  1. How to make food for a reborn doll?

Food is also prepared in different colors as per your choice that what you want to give your doll: a meshed banana, carrot soup, or avocado curry.

In either case, you need to have small containers for mixing and preparing your food, a measuring spoon, flour/lotion, and food colors.

Add some flour to your container or small bowl. You can also use lotion instead of flour, both of these give thickness for food. Add 3-4 drops of yellow color and mix it well with the help of a spoon. Again add in a small quantity and increase if needed. You can add extra lotion if you think your food is brighter than real after mixing. It will look like a meshed banana.

Important tips

  • Your feeding bottles should be sealed, so the liquid doesn’t leak on your doll.
  • The food you prepare doesn’t smell so good, so you can add essence to your food if you want.
  • As mentioned above, food is not supposed to feed the reborn dolls; otherwise, you’ll stain your doll.


Believe you have clearly know how to make fake food after reading this guide provided by the World Reborn Doll, an online reborn doll community. The most important thing that you all have to remember is that fake food, formula, or juice is not allowed to feed your baby doll because of the special material of the doll. However, you could use it to enjoy the process of accessorizing your reborn dolls without the risk of spilling and ruining it. As we all know, this kind of accessory adds to your doll’s overall realism, so as to achieve the ultimate goal for most collectors and artists.



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