How To Make A Travel Video In 3 Easy Steps With Ideas & Pro Tips

Before you create any type of video, you need to carefully prepare and draw up a plan of action. And when you create a clear plan and follow all the steps, your travel video is sure to be a success.

But besides this, it is important to consider other skills that will help you create an exciting video, such as the ability to properly allocate time, have imagination, and be able to act quickly. We have prepared a few steps that will help you create a good travel video:

  • Careful preparation. A lot of people make huge mistakes by avoiding preparation and planning. But if your goal is to create a successful, impactful video, you need to pay due attention to creating a plan and pre-production to help you along the way.
  • Don’t forget that good travel videos are the ones that evoke a lot of emotions in the viewers. Therefore, when shooting such a video, it is important to show not only the place you went to but also the trip itself. Try add subtitles to video for free to give viewers a closer look at your video. With these actions, you will be able to send users on the same journey as you.
  • In addition, a sufficient number of good personnel is also important. One of the main rules of a successful travel video is that you must gather as much footage as possible so that the moment you get to editing you don’t discover what you missed out on good footage.

Good Travel Video Ideas

Once you’ve gone over the tips on how to create a successful travel video, you can move on to ideas to make it more incredible and impressive. We will provide you with a list of the best ideas, using which you will surely achieve a good result:

  • Travel blog. You can start a personal travel blog in which you will film your every trip, share your impressions and show the beauty of nature and local people. The main plus of a travel blog is that it does not require high-quality editing because videos of this kind are most often without any filters and editing.
  • Guides. Creating travel guides is a very rewarding activity, especially when you love to travel. In your guides, you can share a lot of useful tips or talk about your knowledge related to this area.
  • Uniqueness. Travel videos don’t have to be boring and monotonous. You can tell your viewers about a strange trip experience, or you can tell an interesting story about the place. If you are a big travel fan, you will surely have something to say.
  • Local kitchen. One of the popular options for travel videos is food blogs. It’s no secret that each country has its culinary preferences and traditions, and this is a great idea for your videos! You can focus on food and unusual dishes while introducing your viewers to the culture of the country.
  • Positive. Most users come to various websites to get positive emotions. You can share interesting stories about kind people and their deeds in different countries, thereby proving the idea that goodness is everywhere.
  • Short videos. It is best to create videos that last approximately 1 minute. We can accommodate at this time all the necessary information about the place you visited without overloading the audience. According to statistics, short videos get much more views and have a better conversion rate.
  • Answers to questions. By creating a travel video, you can answer relevant questions from viewers. You can talk about local services, food, prices in restaurants and hotels, and much more. Thus, you will be able to become useful and interesting to the audience.

Tips for Making a Successful Travel Video

If you decide to create a travel video and are thinking about how to make it interesting and retain your viewers, you need to put in a lot of effort and spend some time. We have prepared for you useful tips to help make your travel video incredible:

Examine the Equipment

First of all, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with your equipment and how it should be used correctly. Before moving on to the shooting process, try shooting from different angles, check the microphone and learn all the settings with which you can improve the shot. This is important to do in advance so that you don’t miss out on good shots after you’ve started filming.

Choose the Best Equipment

To create a high-quality and successful video, you need to choose the best and most convenient camera option. You should be able to move easily with your equipment and at the same time have good image quality.

Take as Many Shots as You Can

Try to shoot a lot of footage so that when you move into the editing process you have plenty to choose from. The best option would be to shoot every step you take, because thanks to this, you will surely be able to catch good shots that will help make your travel video even more exciting and interesting.

Using these tips, you will surely be able to create a captivating travel video that will collect a lot of views and praise from viewers. When creating videos like this, remember that it is important to prepare carefully before starting the shooting process.


When creating a travel video, it is important to be extremely attentive and prepared. Before you go on a trip, you need to think through every little thing, create a plan, decide on the theme of your video and prepare all the necessary equipment. Your gear needs to be fully researched, so it’s important to read the instructions a few times and familiarize yourself with all the settings that can help make your video better.

Once you’ve figured out your equipment, it’s time to move on to ideas that you can make a fun video about. As we said above, there are many interesting topics and ideas for making travel videos, ranging from travel guides to food blogs that talk about various dishes and traditions. It is important to remember that you should never start the shooting process without careful preparation, at least if you want your video to be successful.