How to Make a Delicious Tepache Beverage at Home

It’s always time for happy hour. And there is no better drink to have during happy hour than the trending Mexican beverage known as tepache.

What is tepache exactly? It is a drink that is primarily made with pineapple peels as the main ingredient and results in a taste that can be best described as a pineapple beer. It is light, sweet and something that is enjoyable all year long.

This drink evolved from the Aguas Frescas trend that is a very popular way for people in Mexico to quench their thirst and feel refreshed under the heat of the sun. Aguas Frescas is traditionally made using the pulp of a variety of fruits like papaya and mango and then mixing in water, ice and sugar. Aguas Frescas also comes in a range of flavors like cucumber and lemon.

So from the origins of Aguas Frescas the new “it” thirst quester drink known as tepache emerged. The beverage was created using fermented pineapple peels so that the Aguas Frescas can be taken to the next level and turned into a drink that is alcoholic. But it is important to note the actual alcohol level of tepache itself is minimal. It will only increase to those tipsy levels if mixed with beer or a spirit.

Before we reveal how to make it through, we want to highlight the range of benefits you can enjoy from this drink and all the more reasons to make this delicious drink at home so you can enjoy it every single day!

Benefits of Tepache

There are many beneficial properties that can enhance your overall health and wellbeing from drinking tepache. These include:

1. Full of Probiotics

This drink is rich in probiotics, which helps your digestive system stay regular. More and more studies are continually coming out around the benefits of probiotics.

2. Rich in Vitamin C

Because of the high fruit content, tepache has a powerful amount of vitamin C for your body to absorb. This not only fuels you with antioxidants but can help your immune system stay strong too.

3. Keeps You Hydrated

If normal water bores you, then tepache might be a great way to ensure you are keeping your fluids up with essential nutrients and making sure your body does not get dehydrated.

How to Make Tepache

So now, the most exciting and important part of tepache—how to make it yourself! First up, here are the ingredients that you need.


1. One ripe pineapple or you can simply use the pineapple peels instead

2. One cup of Piloncillo, making sure that it is cut into thin pieces. Alternatively, you can use organic sugar instead.

3. One cinnamon stick, noting this is a late addition and not used in the original recipe.

4. Three cloves, also noting that it is also a late addition and not used in the original recipe. But it does add an enhanced level of flavor to the drink.

5. Two quarts of purified or filtered water.


Step One: You will need to first focus on prepping the pineapple to be fermented. You do this by washing the pineapple and peeling the skin off. Then, you will want to chop up the actual pulp of the pineapple. Note that it is okay to sneak in a few slices to enjoy as not all of the pineapple itself is needed for this drink.

Step Two: Now for the fermentation. You will pour together the pineapple peels and the rest of the ingredients listed above—putting it all into a large pitcher. Once the ingredients are all placed in and mixed together, you will want to cover the pitcher with a cloth or another type of cover loosely. Leave the pitcher on the kitchen counter for the next day as it ferments, making sure the room temperature is warm.

Step Three: Next you will check the fermentation process. After the first day is up, you can remove the cover of the pitcher to give the mixture a light stir to make sure all the foam has dissolved or been removed. Note—seeing foam is totally normal. Then, you will cover again let it sit for another day or so. But do not let it sit for more than 36 hours or it will start to over-ferment and develop a vinegar taste.

Step Four: Prepare your tepache drink! Pour the liquid through a strainer and into a glass filled with ice. Now it is up to you as to whether you want to drink it straight or mix it in with a beer or another alcoholic beverage. 

Serve with a side of freshly sliced pineapples and enjoy your Mexican happy hour!