How To Look Awesome Every Time You are Taking a Photo

Did you catch “How I Met Your Mother”? It was a nice story about a couple of friends living together.

I liked those series until it became really boring during the 6th or 7th season. People said it’s a copy of the popular TV Series “Friends”.

The reason why I brought up “How I Met Your Mother” was Barney Stinson. This amazing and hilarious character always looked great in photos.

Nothing could catch him off guard. Robin even challenged him that she will catch him looking awful in a photo.

As you already know, she couldn’t do it.

Barney probably had a few tricks up in his sleeves. I think I have something similar to that.

Women take a couple of pictures before they get the perfect shot. Sometimes that’s annoying. This post is for you.

It contains 6 simple tricks that will change the way you are taking a photo.

We live in a Smartphone world. All of them have great cameras. We are all using them to take numerous pictures and share them on social media.

Our friends love that!

Be Carefree (The S-Shape)


When you look up straight watching in the camera, people know you were not willing to take a photo.

Or something is not right.

Looking uncomfortable is the last thing you want your friends to see.

Get “freaky”. Gravitate towards the modern “S” shape. This will give the photo the required dose of “feeling myself”.

Friendly advice: if you want to use the pockets, make sure the thumbs are the only fingers in there.

Turn Your Body


This will create the leaner look. You will make sure the camera catches everything it needs to catch.

Like this, you will be comfortable with your body. Placing your hands like on the photo will give the photo a nicer touch!

Watch Your Hands


While we are at the hands area, it’s important for you to know that they play a major role in your photo.

Women want to use them. But do they know how to do it?

Most of you hide your face with your hands.

Remember, It’s all about placing your hands to expose your natural contours of your face.

Low Shoulders


I’ve heard that taking a picture with your straight pose is really professional. I’m not so sure about that.

Do not hide your hands for certain poses.

See, lowering your shoulder means relaxation. We need to be relaxed when we are taking a photo right?

That’s why doing the pose like you see on the picture looks awesome every time!

Bend Your Knees


It’s the same thing like you did with your shoulders. Bending your knees a little bit will make you look comfortable. When you mix this with lowering your shoulders, you will get the perfect picture.

Slight Head Tilt


This is really important for all of the Selfie takers. Selfies are almost always headshots. Do not look directly in the camera.

Turn your head a little bit and tilt it slightly.

This will enhance your look!

Going forward will improve the way you are taking pictures forever.

Now, share this with your friends like you are sharing your photos. They will love it!


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