How to Look After Your Apartment When You Have a Dog

No doubt cleanliness and pets do not exactly go hand in hand, especially if you own a furry canine, like a dog. Damaged furniture, fur, stained carpet, spilled food, and accidents are common when you live with a dog in a small apartment.

That is one of the reasons why many rental apartments follow a no-pet policy. However, if you have been lucky in this regard and allowed to keep your furry companion with you in your apartment, it is important that you learn some pet cleaning hacks.

If you’re sharing your apartment with a furry friend for the first time, the article will help you get familiar with some easy tips for looking after your apartment.

How to Look after Your Apartment if You Own a Dog

Invest in a high-quality Carpet Cleaner for Pets

No matter how much you love your dog, the stench of its urine on your favorite carpet is something you can’t tolerate. This is the reason many people are not comfortable inviting their friends or colleagues over. They simply don’t want to be judged on the basis of a messy house or an untrained dog.

Plus, it is not only about the urine smell, but also about the layers of thick fur on your carpet that make things worse. So, what is the solution?

To get rid of stain, stench, and hair embarrassment, it is important that you invest in a high-quality home carpet cleaner. They are, without a doubt, a long-term solution to your carpet issues. A carpet shampooer is better than handheld vacuums and is ideal to use on all kinds of carpets.

Many carpet cleaning machines use heat force technology to give you spot clean carpets, making your life with pets completely hassle-free.

From cleaning your upholstery to furniture, great carpet cleaners for pets can remove the toughest stains. There is no need to worry about hygiene as some of the high-quality carpet cleaning machines come with antimicrobial brushes that gently wash your carpets and prevent growth of bacteria and bad odor.

Prevent Shedding

Shedding is inevitable if you own a dog. The amount and season of shedding may vary from breed to breed, but it’s a part of their growing process. So, managing it as much as you can is the right way to keep your apartment clean. 

Every dog has a favorite spot in the house where he rests or likes to spend his time. It may be your bedroom, living room, conch, or arm set. Place a towel or an old sheet on all those areas to protect them from shedding. Plus, you can consider putting barriers or blockades to protect furniture pieces and other valuables in your home.

Respond Quickly if an Accident Happens

You need to be vigilant and active when it comes to cleaning up accidents. Whether your dog breaks something on the carpet or walks on your woolen rug with his muddy feet, stains do not take much time to dissolve permanently in your carpet.

You need to clean up immediately. Use your carpet cleaning machine or DYI cleaning solution to wipe up your dog’s mess. You can use ammonia-based cleaners and enzymatic cleaners.

Use Outdoor Rugs

It is another essential cleaning item you should have to take care of your apartment. Dogs are habitual of soiling rugs and carpets. You need to be careful about how you cover your apartment flooring. Outdoor rugs, in this regard, are a good option you can use in your apartment.

They are made of hard materials and can withstand soiling and other elements. Plus, outdoor rugs are durable as compared to typical rugs. If you choose solid colors, they will hide the stains, and you can easily vacuum or sweep without having to deal with the fuzzy texture of indoor rugs.

Take care of your Dog’s grooming

If your dog is not clean, no matter how much time you invest in cleaning your apartment, it can get dirty again within minutes. So, grooming your dog has to be one of your top priorities. If you have a breed that sheds a lot, it is important to arrange regular trips to a dog groomer. Brush him regularly and give him a bath weekly or at least twice in fifteen days.


Overall, the tips mentioned above can be really helpful in not only taking care of your apartment but also your furry friend. By using carpet cleaning machines, outdoor rugs, and cleaning solutions, you can maintain a neat and clean apartment. Thus, if you are a proactive dog owner, keeping both your pet and apartment is not a difficult task.

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