How to Know When you’ll Find the One

Connecting with others on a romantic level can be a feeling unlike any other. You may find yourself lost in your partner’s charming smile or in the activities you two share, but how do you know that it will last? How do you know that the person you are with is meant to be with you? Interviewing happy couples in long-lasting relationships helped paint the picture of what can help you tell that the person you’re with is really the one.

You Have Shared Goals for the Future

Getting to know your partner and learning that you have a shared vision for your future is one of the most promising early signs that they may be the right one for you. It is vital for you both to want the same things in your romantic future. During the early stages of courtship, you figure out how much your long-term goals overlap. Whether it on a familial, spiritual or financial level, it is important to want the same things and to be able to work together towards them. This sense of teamwork and shared perspective solidifies the relationships as a whole.

You Can Be Authentic Together

Another early sign that your relationships is going well, you do not feel as though you have to put on a front around each other. Feeling free, especially during the early parts of your relationship, can feel like a breath of fresh air. You are not worrying about holding back any major pieces of your life from your partner, and they feel the same way about you. This means that there is a strong foundation for honesty and communication in the relationship. Couples that feel as though they have to keep secrets will rarely be able to breathe as easy.

Love Compatibility Tests Rate Positive

Never underestimate how telling it can be to take a love compatibility test together. These tests are designed to look through a variety of criteria that can provide individuals with information on where they stand with their partner. Though these tests do not have to be the end-all be-all indication of the direction of your relationship, they can be very helpful in allowing you to get a feel for how things go. How you two take the test together can also clue you in on how you are doing romantically, as the activity itself should be lighthearted and fun.

Your Partner is Kind

Though it is often taken for granted, genuine kindness can be one of the most important qualities to look for in a partner. Kindness implies that not only will the person have less issues interacting with others, but that they will also work harder on their relationship with you. Kindness implies the ability to compromise, as they will be able to work through potential issues with you in a conducive and healthy way. Cultivate and mirror that kindness in your relationship, especially early on, as it can set the stage for many future interactions.

You Share Values

Similar to sharing common goals, it is just as important to have similar values and priorities when it comes to living your life. Though a little bit of variety never hurts a stable couple, having the same base to start from will allow you to two to grow in the same direction together, no matter what your hobbies or personal interests are like. Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page regarding your activities. Something as small as a disparity in travel needs can end up shaping the future of the relationship.

You Feel Like You Already Know Them

Feeling like you have already known your partner for a long time is one of the surest signs of a positive relationship. Good conversation can result in the time just flying for you and your partner. You have less to hide, you have more to share, you feel as though you are going on a journey not just with a romantic interest but with a close friend.

One of the most important things to remember is to never be discouraged. Every person you meet is ultimately leading you to finding the right one, so do not be afraid to go on as many dates as you need.

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