How to Keep Rats Away from Your Home

Rats are a very disturbing animal that ever living in your house. Rats will bring many problems in your house. They are not only chewing all the items that they can chew such as electric cable, food, wood, and many things. But the rats are also spread many diseases in all over your house through their urines, poop, and dropping.

Therefore, people will do anything to prevent this rodent animal from infiltrating your house. Unfortunately, the same thought doesn’t work to the rat. Otherwise, this rodent creature finds the house very attractive as their nesting place than any other place.

This will cause quite problems. But no need to be worried again. These are tips of how to keep rats away from your yard, garden, and even your home. So you don’t need to experience unexpected trouble from these unwelcome guests.

How to Keep Rats Away from Your House

There is actually many types of rats that you need to deal with depending on your place right now. For example, people in the southern United States have to deal with Rats which is a roof rat. This roof rat will search for the nest that near to water resource and food. Therefore, these rats will live near ponds and farm orchards. Using Rat Trap, Repellent or Best Rat Poison most common ways to eliminate and keep rats away from your property.

The key tips of how to keep rats away from your home actually by preventing the rats from entering the house. You have to find a way that will effectively discourage the rats from visiting your place. By learning these tips, you are not only learning how to keep rats away from home. You will also learn to keep rats away from the yard in the first place.

  • Make sure that there are no leaks on plumbing

Rats get their water resource from every object that ejects water from it. Rats also get their water resource from every water storage that has no cover on it. Therefore, if you have leaked on plumbing, you better fix it soon.

  • Store the pet feed inside the house

Don’t provide the rats with a “free” meal every day. They will surely build a nest inside or around your house if they found a source of their meal easily. Therefore you have to store the pet or bird feed inside the house. But, if you really need to store the feed outside, you must keep the feed-in hard plastic containers or metal encasement.

  • Keep your house clean from woodpiles, trash piles or even brush piles

Places like woodpiles, trash piles or brush piles are the favorite places for rats to make their nest. For preventing your house from becoming a rats’ nest, you have to remove all the woodpiles, trash piles or brush piles.

  • Immediately pick the ripening fruits from the garden

There are some rats that like to eat ripening fruit from the garden. To prevent the rats from having a meal for their fast-reproduction, you have to quickly pick the fruits once the fruits have already ripened. Then you have to store the fruits or vegetables in a sealed place or container.

  • Using Pets as Hunter

Rats very like using the house as nest because they found the house as a very suitable place to live. If you have pets like dogs or cats, the rats will develop a sharp instinct that the predators are nearby their place. Therefore the rats will not come any closer to your house.

  • Using chemistry mixture

Another way to make the rats drive away from your house by using an ammonia mixture. Making it is very simple, you only mix two cups of ammonia, two spoons of detergent and also a small glass of water. This will produce a poisonous mixture, so I suggest you to not come any closer to the mixture. Place the bowl with mixture in it near the rats’ nest.

Natural Methods

If you don’t have any idea of how to keep rats away naturally from your home, this is an answer for you. The fact is, there are plenty of ways of how to keep rats away from your house. You can choose any method that works better for you.

  • Fake owl’s feathers out

You don’t need to really raise an owl as a pet in your house. All you need to do is faking it. This is the best ways to keep rats away since rat is very scared of the owl. In nature, the owl is a natural predator for the rat, therefore, the rat will keep a distance away from the owl.

To make the rat runs from your home, you only have to place owl’s feathers in the right place. You can place a clump of owl’s feather near the rats’ nest or entry holes.

Actually, you can also use dried cat litter to make the rats away from your home.

  • The pungent smell as a gift

Rats are rodents which have a highly developed sense of smell. Therefore, they are very susceptible to items which have sharp odors. Some items which have pungent smell such as peppermint oil, citronella oil, and castor oil will make the rats drive away.

Keeping rats away from your home using pungent smell is very easy. You can use cotton balls that have soaked in the items with sharp odor and place near the nest. You can opt between peppermint oil, citronella oil, and castor oil. For the simplest way, you can only sprinkle the oil around the nest or the rats’ holes.

In addition to these oils, cutting onions and crushed pepper will work efficiently for keeping the rats away naturally.

  • Using cat’s litter to make them run away

Cat is a natural predator for rats. They will surely chase down the rats to keep the rats away from your home. You can use the cat’s litter to make the rats afraid and leaving the nest in your home.

You can choose whatever tactics will suit you better. But one thing that will affect this method works or not is you have to seal any crevices or holes that possible for rats enter the house. Seal the holes with steel to avoid them from being chewing.

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