How To Keep Babies Safe In Hire Cars On Holiday?

Keeping your children safe on holiday can be tougher than at home. Being in a strange place, with new dangers can mean the process is harder – particularly if you’re driving in a strange car. However, these tips will help.

Should You Take Your Own Or Hire A Car Seat?

When it comes to keeping your baby safe, most parents do everything that they can to ensure added safety. So, if you’re booking a vacation, you’ll soon be just like other parents that worry about what they should or should not pack. While both sterilizers and sunscreen are important, the biggest concern for any parent is the car seat.

Take Your Own Car Seat

One of the surest ways that you can keep your baby safe is by taking your own seat from home. Most if not all airlines allow their passengers to take along strollers or car seats free of charge. However, the only way to ensure that you’re allowed to use it is by booking a seat for your baby.

In the case where there is more than enough room, a spare seat will be located to accommodate. If for some reason there are no spare seats, the car seat will need to travel along with the other luggage. So, before taking along your car seat, it’s best to ensure that it is easily adaptable for other cars. Besides adaptability, you’ll need to see that the seat meets the safety requirements of the country that you’re visiting.

Hire A Car Seat

If you didn’t already know, car rentals generally hire car seats so that customers can pre-book them. However, they should be in excellent condition and they should also meet the UNs ECE standard. So, before you assume that car seats are available, it’s best to call before arrival and determine if suitable seats are accessible. If for some reason you run into any mix-ups, you can simply look for another. Ensure that your car hire is covered by car hire excess insurance.

Transfer Buses And Taxis

When it comes to using a car seat for your baby, most parents often find themselves running into a grey area. Most of the tour operators usually state that seats are either not allowed or they are not required. Just like any other parent, this can be quite alarming and your little one will be forced to sit on top of your lap. If you’re used to strapping them in, then this will definitely seem like a dangerous idea.

So, before booking tours, it is recommended that you enquire about their policies and how it applies to car seats. If the seat is not a legal requirement, you may be inclined to bring one if you’re thinking about safety. Hence, the decision is entirely up to you and what you’re comfortable with. However, if you’re scheduled to travel on major highways, it just might be a good idea to have your baby strapped in.

Travel Systems

If your baby is still at a size where he or she can easily fit into travel systems, then the only other alternative is to take along your stroller. This provides you with the opportunity of having a car seat and the alternative pushchair if you’re not carrying too much heavy baggage. However, if your baby has already outgrown a traveling system, then it is recommended that you get a CARES safety harness.

So, if you’re unable to use the car seat on the bus and you’re worried, this is a very safe alternative. The CARES safety harness can also be used on planes. However, it slips over the back to provide the restraint needed in the event of an unfortunate crash.