How To Keep Avocados Fresh With This Easy Trick

It’s kitchen time.

If you love avocados as much as me, this is for you.

If you hate them for turning brown as much as I do, this is for you.

Every time I leave ½ avocado in the fridge I find it brown the next day. My daughter used to throw them out in the trash because she thought they were not good.

That’s wrong because that’s what fruits do. They turn brown.


Same as bananas and apples.

There is one thing you can do though. The trick I found will finally make the avocado hold its normal green color a bit longer.

Well, say no more because someone already did an experiment with 5 halves of avocados.

This person wanted to find out what happens with the avocado under 5 different circumstances.

Step #1

  •      Cut all of them lengthwise and pull the halves apart. Gently.

Step #2

  •      Pit Method: Set aside the first avocado half without removing the pit
  •      Citrus Method: Squeeze lemon juice over the second avocado half and sweep the juice over the entire surface.
  •      Wrap Method: Cover the third avocado half with a plastic wrap and set it aside
  •      Water Method: Immerse the fourth half in cold water.
  •      Onion Method: Put the fifth half in a tight-lid container with a piece of sliced onion. Cover with the lid and refrigerate.

Step #3

Wait for 24 hours before seeing the results.

As I said earlier, somebody has done it and saw the results. These steps are here in case you want to try your own experiment.

The Verdict:

Of all 5 methods, there is only one that is effective. The other 4 ended up with the avocado turning brown.

It’s the onion method that kept the avocado green. What’s more to this, the onion didn’t affect the taste of the avocado at all. It still tasted perfectly fresh.

Here is the whole process explained in a video.

Nice one Brent!

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Source: Positive Med

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