How to Keep a Lasting Memory of your Pet

Our pets are not like part of our family, they are part of the family. When something happens to our pets it’s the same as though it was a family member. This is how some people feel about our pets. I know that’s exactly how It felt. To me my dog was everything. My companion, best friend, a partner in crime. Unfortunately for me, she passed away about five years ago. It’s sad because I still think about her every day. The sad part is that I have nothing but her memory left from her.

I miss my dog so bad. I seriously would have done anything for her. She was my baby. Like I mentioned earlier, I have nothing but my memories of her to remind me of her. I still think about her every day. I just wish I had something else aside from the memories to remember her by. I don’t even have a decent picture of her.

I saw online these pet portraits that looked amazing. Really well made and very realistic. I would like something like that to remember my dog, but like I said I don’t even have a decent picture of her. So now I have nothing to get a portrait of her made. This would be the perfect way to keep a long-lasting memory of your pet. You need a picture to get a portrait made, and sadly I don’t have a decent one.

For all those people who still have their pets with them, don’t take them for granted. Appreciate and love them like you would want to love yourself. If you really love your pets, take as many pictures of them as you could. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. You don’t have to wait till they’re gone to get something special made of them. If I still had my dog with me right now, I would definitely do anything to have some keepsakes to remember her. Just to have would be awesome. I can’t go back in time though and changed what already happened. This is why I always urge everyone who loves their pets not to make the same mistake I did.

I wouldn’t wish this on anybody, but say your pet passed away tomorrow and you had nothing of them to remember them by. Wouldn’t you be hurt, sad, and regretful? If you love your pet as much as I loved my dog, you would be hurt and feel sad and regretful. So don’t make the same mistake I did.

I’m just saying, It would be extremely nice to have a keepsake of my baby. But like I said, I can’t go back to the past and change what already happened. I’ll have to live with regret for the rest of my life because I have nothing but the memories to remember my baby. Some people would say that at least I have the memories. That just isn’t enough though. I wish I had something physical that I could look at and touch.

This is why I urge anyone who loves their pets just as if they were family, not to wait and have something to remember your pet by.  Because seriously as it happened to me, you never know how long they will be around. An accident could happen and just like that, boom, they’re gone. Don’t make the same mistake I made. I’m just saying, if your pet suddenly passed away and you had nothing to remember them by, wouldn’t you be sad and upset? If you really love your pets, trust me, you would. Don’t live your life with regret. Get something you will always have to remember your pet by now that you still have them. Don’t make the same mistake I did. God bless!

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