How to Involve Your Kids in Your Wedding

Nowadays, many couples are tying the knot after having kids. If you have children, you should celebrate your wedding as a family unit. You will not just be joining in holy matrimony but also becoming an official family. Here are some ways to involve your kids in your wedding:

Include them in Your Wedding Party

You can make your children feel important on your big day by giving them an official role at your wedding. The best official roles for toddlers are ring bearer and flower girl. However, older children can be bridesmaids and groomsmen.

To make things more fun, you can invent new titles such as the best kid and best lady. You can buy your kids’ dresses and suits from established brands such as Azazie brand.

Give them Ceremony Jobs

During the ceremony, your kids would like to feel involved. For instance, they can read a poem or sing a song. If your father is not alive to walk you down the aisle, you can ask your eldest child to do the honors.

If your child is old enough to remember your wedding day, you can have him or her act as a witness. You can also make your child an usher and she can guide guests to their seats.

Put them in Writing

You can add your kid’s names on all the things that you print. Here are some places that you can include them:

Slideshow – you should include your kids’ pictures in every slideshow that you put up.

Invitations – your children should be in the wedding descriptions about who is hosting the wedding or joining in holy matrimony.

Programs – if you will have a wedding program, you should mention your kids.

Wedding website- you should allow the little ones to have some screen time by adding their names to your wedding site.

Get Them Wedding Day Presents

Your wedding day is not about the giving and receiving of gifts. However, getting your kids a present might come in handy because they will not understand why you are getting all the attention. You can give them their gifts on the morning of the wedding. Tying the gift to your ceremony will make it more special: for instance, you can give your little one a bracelet to put on when you and your spouse putting on your rings.

Do the First Dance

Instead of doing the first dance as a couple, you should consider including your kids. This is a wonderful way to make them feel included. If you are free-spirited and do not mind dancing to a bad song, you could ask your child to pick your first dance song. Depending on the type of situation that you are in, it would be nice to do a big family dance.

Add Child-friendly Touches

To make your kids feel like an important part of the wedding, you should make it kid-friendly. A child-friendly wedding does not mean that you should invite many kids. You can make your wedding child-friendly by including the following:

Games – set up some fun games such as scavenger hunts to keep the little ones occupied during cocktail hour.

Activity kits – you should add some child-friendly activities such as stickers and coloring books. You can hand them out during the reception and ceremony.

Family dance floor – you should encourage every guest – young and old – to join you on the dance floor. Play music from different eras that everyone can enjoy.


When planning your wedding, including children will make it more fun. Making your kids feel like a part of your wedding lets them know that you value their input.

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