How to Invest With Little to No Money

The investment game is one that is both risky and lucrative. There are plenty of opportunities to make thousands of dollars, but also plenty of ways to end up losing everything that you walked in with. That being said, however, if you are smart with your money, you can easily watch it grow into something far larger. That being said, what happens if you want to invest but don’t have the money to do so? Fortunately for you, there are plenty of things that you can do to get the investments that you want. Here are some ways that you can invest with little to no money.

Take Out a Loan

One of the easiest ways to make an investment with little to no money is by taking out a loan from a bank or other company. This will allow you to instantly invest in the company you want and start profiting off of the investment. Now there are risks to investing with borrowed money, as things can quickly turn south and you can lose your money, however, there are measures in place to help protect you. 

The next thing you will want to look at is where to get a loan and what type of loan to look for. You can consider a low rate loan from Plenti if you are strongly considering investing. You will always want to find a low rate loan as well, as you will be losing plenty of your earnings to interest otherwise. At no point should have little to no money be a barrier for you making an investment that you know is going to pay off. Take out a loan and get the money that you need.

Penny Stocks

If you are really struggling for cash and still want to invest, you can look to put your money into penny stocks instead. Penny stocks are stocks that are extremely cheap and affordable for almost everyone. While you will not be able to buy too many due to financial constraints, you will still be able to pick up a few that you can watch. The one problem here is that the number of earnings you can potentially make will be quite low. Penny stocks do not fluctuate too much and with a very little investment, you don’t stand to make that much money. That being said, it is better to be able to invest some money into something, than to sit around and have your money do nothing.


If you want to make as big of a splash as possible in the investment world with as little as possible, then the crypto market is the one for you. What makes it alluring for people? Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile with huge fluctuations each day. This means that the bit of money that you do invest in it can easily grow into something far greater. What are the downsides? The exact opposite can happen and you can put all of your money into something to watch it disappear in a second. 

All that being said, for the most part, cryptocurrency has held a generally upward trend over the last few months and is looking like a great investment if you want to put your money into a place and forget about it. If you are looking to day trade with it, it will be difficult to do, but with the right moves and some luck, you can quickly grow your money into something far greater.

Look for Safe Investments

If you do not have that much money to invest with, you are going to want to have it grow so you can add more money into your portfolio. Therefore, another recommendation is to go for a slow but safe approach. It will take a lot of time to see some good returns on your investment, but you can quickly pull the money out and reinvest it elsewhere, each time investing more money. Precious materials such as gold and silver are also fairly safe investments throughout the years. While this year has seen some fluctuation in the gold market, for the most part, it is a material that you can confidently place your money into.

This is the exact opposite method as cryptocurrency, as with cryptocurrency you are generally going for a home run style of investment. If you want to become an investor but don’t have that much money to work with, start with surefire stocks that will allow you to increase the wealth in your portfolio.

Save A Little Each Week

While you might start with little or no money to invest, the goal is to try to budget your money over time to give you more to work with. Each week, try to put aside $10, $20, or anything that you can comfortably save. All of this can slowly be put online into your portfolio. What you will find is your small investments can quickly turn into large ones, as the investment grows naturally itself and you throw more money in it that you have saved. Never underestimate the power of budgeting and saving a little each week as it can do wonders for your portfolio in the long run.

Robo Investors

Finally, if you are not planning on investing yourself, do not turn to a stockbroker to invest your money. They will take a cut from every investment and with the little bit of money you have, you cannot afford to lose any of it. When you sign up with a Robo investor, it will invest your money for you for a very small fee for using the service. This makes investing easy while also not taking away all of your potential earnings.

These are all great ways to get started with investing if you have little to no money. With enough patience and smart decisions, you can very quickly turn that small amount of money into something far greater. Remember, try not to invest with money that you cannot afford to lose unless you know it is a guaranteed profit. What barriers are stopping you from investing?

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