How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Car

There are standard checks that you will do to make sure your car is functioning properly. Your annual MOT is an opportunity to make sure everything is in order, while regular services, tire pressure checks, and oil top-ups are all part and parcel of being a car owner.

But if you want to make sure your car’s lifespan is extended for as long as possible, there are even more ways to get more years out of your motor. If you’re planning on buying a car soon, or even if you’ve had it for a while and you’re looking for inspiration, here are some ideas to help keep it running for years to come.

Get it cleaned

Whether you regularly take your motor through the car wash or it’s one of those tasks you never really get around to, it’s worth making cleaning your car a priority. As well as making it look pristine, a good wash will remove anything on the surface that causes corrosion.

For instance, in the winter months, there’s usually a lot more salt added to the roads to combat icy surfaces. When this sprays over the surface of your car, it can damage the paintwork and lead to holes.  

And it’s not just the paint that’s impacted by dirt that gets onto the body of the car. The underside is constantly exposed to dirt and water, causing rust. Depending on how rusty the car gets, it can wear away at key parts. So, by giving it a clean, you’re protecting it from damage, extending the life of your motor.

Replace parts

If you had some advisories on your last MOT, it’s worth following up on the notes. Replacing parts that could be deteriorating – whether it’s a small update like replacing the battery or something more involved, such as the braking system – will ensure you don’t need to replace your whole car sooner than you’d like to.

Listen out for any changes in the way your car sounds, as well as the way it feels to drive. You know your car better than anyone, so if you think something isn’t quite right, taking it to a mechanic can help you rule out anything major and will help you keep on top of anything that needs to be replaced before it wears too much and breaks at the worst moment.

Lighten the load

Many of us left the office at the start of spring and haven’t been in our cars much since then. If you’ve had everything packed into the boot of your car since March, it could be time to do some decluttering. As well as giving you the chance to get rid of things, you’ll be lessening the weight in your car – and this helps with its performance.

The more a car weighs, the more pressure is placed on the engine, brakes, and suspension. This can wear through these parts of the car faster than if your car is lighter, so clear out the non-essentials to keep your car working at the optimum levels.

Go slow

Cars take a little while to warm up. Setting off straight after you turn the engine on increases friction in the engine, wearing it out faster than if you wait for a minute or two while the oil is fully distributed through the engine. If you’re in a rush, try to drive gently for a mile to get the car working properly.  

These are just some ideas. By following these tips and remembering to go for regular services, you’re likely to have your car for years to come.

About Author: Vatsal Bhatt is an automobile engineer and a blogger by passion. He works on and sharing his knowledge regarding the latest automobile technology and How-to articles.

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