How to Increase HGH Naturally with GenF20 Plus

As we age, there’s a natural decline in the hormones that gave us that spark and that edge during our younger years. The things that made us feel powerful and strong began to age a dip. Our hair starts to get gray. Our skin starts to lose its suppleness. In prior years, people would say, “that’s just how it goes” and “there’s nothing we can do.” 

Fortunately for us, there is something you can do—and you can start today. There’s a whole class of supplements that are in the market right now that claim to boost the essential hormones that are responsible for your youth and vitality. Most of them are unsafe and make outlandish claims in order to sell. But there’s one product on the market that has years of scientific backing, and has been shown to significantly increase the HGH you need. It’s GenF20 Plus. 

What HGH does

With all this to about hormones and HGH, you might be asking yourself: “well, what exactly is it?” HGH is short for human growth hormone. It’s a protein-based hormone that is naturally released into the bloodstream by your pituitary gland, situated right in the middle of your brain. What they do is that they stimulate the anabolic processes of the human body in order to effectively create the foreground for muscle growth, tissue regeneration, and tissue re-building. Usually, this process was most widely observed during puberty. But since we can increase your HGH naturally, we can see similar results with support supplements such as GenF20 Plus. It is entirely possible to see up to a 50% increase in your HGH production, with the help of GenF20 Plus. This isn’t done through magic, by the way. There is no strange lab-created compound that unnaturally makes you large like a competitive bodybuilder. GenF20 Plus works a little differently. 

What separates GenF20 plus from the rest? 

What separated GenF20 Plus from the rest is its top-down approach to increasing your HGH. There are other HGH products out there, but it’s usually injectable exogenous HGH, meaning it’s a lab-made synthetic form of human growth hormone that they inject into your bloodstream. 

Now, you might see a similar effect, but when you inject hormones like that, what you’re doing is offsetting a natural balance. With an imbalance comes a compensatory mechanism being activated, and some of the side effects may not be fun. But with GenF20 Plus, what you’re doing is giving the support your pituitary gland needs to produce as much of the hormone as it can. Think of it as giving your pituitary gland a new engine instead of flooding a 125cc with rocket fuel. 

Superior ingredients

So how exactly does GenF20 Plus work? They have a patented formulation made up of plant-based compounds that have been used individually in traditional medicine for centuries. They’re mixed together in perfect synergistic proportion to produce an effect that doesn’t drown each other out. 

For instance: Tribulus terrestris, a plant found in the Middle East that’s been used to combat fatigue in the desert, plays its own part in the formulation by increasing blood flow to where you need it: the brain. Ancient cultures called this “a cure for tiredness.” Now we know it as a potent vasodilator. When you get more blood flow going to the places that need it, the greater the ability for the organ to do its job and do it correctly.

Mucuna pruriens, a bean known as cowhage, has also been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. This particular plant product has the amazing ability to stimulate the hypothalamus. This part of the brain, of course, is the regulatory attachment of the pituitary gland. It’s action no love the increase in production of GHRH or Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone. This, in turn, gets the pituitary gland to produce HGH. 

As you may have noticed, the primary ingredients of GenF20 Plus primarily play a supportive role to your natural processes. That’s the key to reading levels right for you. What makes one person feel invigorated may be a low baseline for another. It all fits within a range. And making sure you increase your body’s HGH within your personal range is the key to balanced, clear results. When it comes to your health and your wellness, it really is up to you to invest in what you know works. It’s always best to avoid exogenous hormones, especially if they’re not regulated and given by a trained medical professional. Outside of the lengthy and ten dragging process of getting prescriptions, the only supplement you can trust is the one that helps you produce the hormone yourself. And that, in review of the market as a whole, seems to be GenF20 Plus. 

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