How to Help Your Child to Write a Professional Essay?

Essay writing is critical to your children’s future education since college and university success is linked to academic writing. College students are supposed to write plenty of research papers, analytical essays, and book reviews during their studies. That’s why they need to start practicing the art of writing from an early age. 

However, almost all students get bored of doing their assignments. As parents, you are expected to help them master writing like a pro. Professional essay writers are experts in researching, composing attractive topics, creating relevant outlines, and writing. Follow the steps below to figure out how to help your child become better at essay writing.

Step 1: Basic Writing Skills

Before you dive into essay writing, make sure your child has basic knowledge of writing and its general purpose. That includes spelling, grammar rules, common structures, and rich vocabulary. Remember: they should learn these basic concepts gradually and at an appropriate age. Never start teaching them with long and boring lectures, videos, or books. All you have to do is to set them on the right path and correct their mistakes anytime they make them. 

Step 2: Outline

Nearly all writing experts and any essay writing service USA prepare an outline before they start writing. Why? The outline determines the logical progression of the essay and organizes the writer’s mind, so they can focus on writing, create a natural flow, and link paragraphs reasonably. 

So, ask your child to think about the whole document first. They might have a vague idea about the subject at the beginning, but once they create an outline, it will be easier to follow a logical flow. 

Step 3: Researching and Brainstorming

If your child doesn’t have an idea about what to write, ask them to search the topic on the internet, synthesize information from multiple sources, evaluate them, and think again about their own writing. 

Brainstorming might be a good idea to organize their mind. While children talk about the topic and write their points of view on a board, they can classify the information and compose a consistent outline.          

Step 4: Reading

Encourage your child to read as much as possible. The more they read, the better their writing will become. Reading is also a great way to enhance their vocabulary, and help them create more complex sentences. If they’re not interested in reading, you need to come up with creative solutions, like finding some engaging materials to pique their curiosity. You’ll notice how they pick up more diverse words and make more complicated sentences after a while

Step 5: Examples

It might be challenging for your child to write an excellent essay unless they read some well-written essays. So, google legitimate essay writing services online and check their blog posts or writing samples. Find a couple of professional texts and ask your child to read them carefully. Point out the positive and negative aspects of the essay and explain the details with patience. Let them know what a professional text looks like. 

Step 6: Online and Offline Tools

Thanks to technology, today writing has become more accessible. Of course, children should learn grammar rules and spelling to write correctly, but there are several handy tools, like Grammarly, that help them recognize their mistakes and correct them. However, they shouldn’t rely on these tools all the time. If they use such apps each time they start writing, they wouldn’t write even a word on their own. 

Step 7: Practice Writing

Get your children to write! No matter what the subject is and why they’re writing. Use your imagination to invent topics for them to write on. For example, if they are a fan of games or love movies, ask them to write a review. To encourage them, try to publish their writing in a blog, magazine, or book. Good feelings will come to them once they see their writing is published somewhere.           

Step 8: Proofread and Edit

Point out to your child that an essay isn’t finished once it’s written. Typos and structural mistakes are avoidable. That is why proofreading is necessary, although it might be uninteresting. Take time to read their writing yourself, highlight their mistakes, and clarify what’s wrong with it and how they can improve it.

Also, there are several essay on service platforms which provide proofreading services. It’s a good idea to submit your child’s essay and ask them to proofread and edit the text professionally. Writing experts can help your child learn writing like a pro.         

Bottom line

Writing is a must-have skill for your child while they’re growing up. When the college starts, they have to do various writing assignments, and overwhelming feelings may come to them. Teach them how to create well-written essays while they are still children, so they’ll never nag at you, claiming: “I want someone to write my essay online.” 

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